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Analytics says I have 1 negative review but I can only see/read my positive ones

I wanted to read all of the feedback I received during my last stint on Fiverr; I only made a few sales, so I only have a few reviews, one of which was negative according to my analytics page.

Going to My Sales I was easily able to find and read the positive reviews, but I looked at every sale, completed and cancelled alike, and none of them showed me where my negative review was. I want to see my negative feedback as well, are negative reviews hidden from me?

They probably left no review and only left a thumbs down. if that’s the case it’s not published.

With the new ARS they seem to publish things even when someone doesn’t leave a review.

However, the ARS is not completely available to all users. This means you have may have had a review system buyer who only left a thumbs down.

Or did you have a late order? That leaves an automatic negative…I mean, it used to leave an automatic thumb’s down. But it seems that going back to each order, you should have been able to see any review, thumb’s up or down.

Unless it impacts your overall rating, getting several positives if/when you start selling again should get rid of the effect from a single negative. You could also file a ticket with CS and ask them to find it for you, or fix it if it’s a mistake.