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Analytics - Total Earnings and All time earnings are different


My total earnings are 104$. I have been trying to be a level one seller. I was able to reach 104$ out of 400$ ( One criteria for being a level one seller)

Sadly, Today I noticed my all time earnings has drop to 96$ from 104$. How is it possible ? What may be the reason for this? All time earnings went down ? Help me and give me your suggestions and experience on this regard.


If you notice, the difference between the two numbers is $8. So, if it is not a bug, I think the other possibility could be that one of your previous $10 orders (you earn $8 from a $10 order) or two $5 orders (you earn $4 from a $5 order) were canceled or charged back.

Check your order completion rate and your earnings tab to see if this might be the reason.


@hanshuber16 Thanks for the comment. I checked my order completion rate is 100%. Thanks


You may contact CS for details. But before that check if you bought any $6 service please.

I’ll remain waiting to know the cause. Thanks in advance.


@engshimul I contacted the CS. So they have fixed it now. It took around 24 hours to solve my problem. Thanks.


If it is back to $104 from $96 then that’s the good news.

But when it is about money, all changes should have proper explanation.