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Analytics Yo-Yo More Than Normal

Hi Fiverr’ss

Anyone else experiencing their gig stats going up slightly then coming right back down. Every couple of days or so. It seems that recovery would be every couple of days. Now it seem they don’t fully recover. This Yo-Yo algorithm is getting tiresome. I think they have changed something yet again. I’m closing sales with 5**** reviews and quick turn around, but recently does not seem to improve performace of the gig. Wish Fiverr would stop tinkering


Wasn’t it discussed in another post overall? In any case, yes. I’ve started getting 0 orders days in the middle of the week and then it’s 3 orders the next day. All the graphs are zigzags. October was a bit underwhelming, but at least it was smooth.

I do a lot of seasonal promos, though, and November tends to be one of the slower months for me every year. Too late for Halloween and too early for Christmas.

Ive just noticed they are the lowest they have been in months

I found my gig on page 22 the other day (it since has jumped to page 1-2) and just gave up to try and make sense of it, to be honest.