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And...Breathe Out

This is the first time this screen has looked like this for three months! I had to go into vacation mode for two weeks because I couldn’t keep on top of all my non-Fiverr work. I think I may leave it switched on for a little while, I am enjoying the sense of deep peace…


How do you feel about your potential buyers seeing the vacation mode :palm_tree: :beach_umbrella: imagery while you´re getting back on top of your non-Fiverr work? I got asked if I´d had a nice vacation by a buyer, took me a bit until I realized why. :wink:

Enjoy. Breathing is pretty important. Aloha.


It’s mainly just a case of spinning plates right now! I don’t think I am having an actual vacation until March of next year, so I will take any out-breaths I can get!

Whenever you think your Fiverr work is burden on you and you can’t able to handle alone or you have some other work to do so the solution is to hire a team or out source your work. In this way you can do your other work as well. And never ever to on a vacation mode because after this your gig will be on last and then you have to do work again. I hope it makes sense. Thanks

That might be the case for some work, but for my high-end creative work (mainly around technology and software), my unique approach and writing is what makes me popular. That’s not something I can (or would be comfortable with) outsourcing.

I will see what impact vacation mode has on my gigs, but I already have half a dozen orders lined up for when I turn it off, so I think it will be OK.

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He never said this was a problem. Instead, he decided to dedicate more time to the projects he already had.
I think it is cool having a lot of work. But it is also awesome when you can choose and adjust your availability.

Article, Blog, Ghost — basically, any type of writing is one area that I strongly feel never should be outsourced. I hire based on his/her voice and level of experience. I feel confident they will do a good job. If they outsource, then the voice will not be what I hired them for and it could end in disaster.

Remember something very important about outsourcing, you are responsible for the quality of work produced by them. If the buyer is not happy, you are the one getting the bad review.


Hope you enjoyed your break or catch up! Hopefully, you had at least a day to relax with some :wine_glass: and :custard: . You’ve been MIA for awhile; welcome back. :grinning:


The first time, I had used vacation mode it took me few days to get orders. The second time, it took me a couple of months to get back on track. It’s a gamble to use this feature. I prefer to work a couple of hours while I am traveling or while I am on a vacation. Since the OP said, he has enough orders lined up, I guess it shouldn’t be a problem, as once he gets a couple of reviews, the gig is going to be shown again.

Maybe, you won’t have any problems as the PRO gigs are always shown on top of the searches (and there are few in your category), the only thing that might hurt you is waiting a few days or hours for your gig to get listed.

Yes - my issue was that I was pushing my Fiverr deadlines further out 14 days was standard, and the work was still coming in. Then, a regular client drops a week’s worth of work on me in one go, and I had to step back from some work - hence going onto vacation mode. I have read the warnings, and know it might impact me, but we’ll see…

Ultimately, I have to keep my regular clients happy.

Indeed - it’s both the upside and the downside of being a successful freelancer. I refuse to go the route of setting up my own agency (I just don’t want the headache) so I know my earnings will always be limited by the time I can spend and how much I am comfortable charging - and I am fine with that.

It’s best to not get overbooked. Actually, my busiest period was while I was on a vacation in Croatia, and I got a couple of late deliveries, so I decided to take out my extra for extra-fast delivery (all of the buyers were ordering it, and I couldn’t send everything on time). Hopefully, you won’t have any problems at all. I mean if you have regular buyers, you do a SUPERB work, vacation mode can’t kill you. Or at least that’s from my point of view. :slight_smile:

In my kind of work, social media set-up, it’s difficult to have a lot of regular buyers, but on some of my other gigs that are about amazon product photo design, and social media design I do get some regular clients.

Edit: Even though I am longer than you on Fiverr, you are more experienced in freelancing (as I have read in your threads).

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didnt get much order this month, you are very lucky :grinning: