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And Buyers Wonder Why They End Up Hiring Rubbish Sellers

I received this yesterday:

Hey man, thanks for those, excellent work as always. :slight_smile:

Business on our end has exploded, there are now three active XXXX branches and three more on the way. We have improved our SEO strategy and have undergone restructuring, and the amount of articles required is about to increase to 10 per month from this month onward. (with more needed monthly as 2020 rolls out)

I know you like to keep your business on Fiver, but if you heavily increase the workload, would you be interested in working directly with each other outside?

You know your SEO and you are already a strong asset of ours. You mentioned a while back that we were one of the only legitimate xxxx businesses you do work for, and you have a great understanding of us service, how we work, what we do and how we do it.

I’d be really keen to hear your thoughts on this and if you had any other ideas. Thanks again mate

Now, this might seem flattering. However, I have already asked this buyer to not ask me to work off-Fiverr. Also, I know fine well that they have some deranged idea that working with me off-Fiverr might result in some kind of amazing discount. Because that’s what you do when you help get a business to the first page of Google, you work for less to celebrate… :roll_eyes:

So, I replied with:


I’m sorry but as well as this being against Fiverr TOS, there is no incentive for me to do something like this.

This increases my costs, delays and makes invoicing riskier, increases the amount of time I have to spend not just writing, but communicating, and reduces the amount of time I have available to work with other clients. That is why my off-Fiverr rates are considerably higher.

Given the above, I’d have to decline this offer, sorry.

Kind Regards,


In response, I get:

Hi Andy, I fully understand your position, thanks for the rapid response.

We are more than happy to continue through Fiverr. Would you be open to talking about reducing article costs going forward, now that we will be wanting to source 10+ per month?

Would it be possible for us to receive a special offer monthly for a bulk 10-15 article order at a better rate than standard?


I’m not just saying no here. I’m blocking the buyer.

I find it so insulting to be told that “business is booming,” before being first asked to work off Fiverr, then asked to offer a discount. However, it is not just that. This buyer told me that their business was expanding in November. It’s not really expanding though, other people are simply opening up new franchises. The buyer asked if I would be happy to work with the other franchisees.

Initially, I said yes. A few days later, the first came knocking to ask about my prices. They wanted a discount, even though the original business was paying my standard rate that already INCLUDES a discount equivocal to 1 free article.

I politely said no. Then I had to say no to the second franchise. Given that this was November, I am guessing that 2-months have now passed with said franchises hiring other writers, only for them not to be too impressed with the quality. In this case, they have got the original buyer to come along and ask again for a discount on their behalf.

On top of all that, who in their right mind lowers their prices on their previous years’ prices? How does that see my business grow or benefit in any way from your expansion? It’s like calling to say: "Hi, fantastic work as always, but because you are just some random bloke on the Internet who we guess does this for fun, can you lower your prices a bit?"

So now I’ve decided to throw them to the wolves. If they want to pay mek-seller prices, they can go crazy and have all the low-quality cake they want.


Who says that my gig saved his life last year so he wants it again at a 50% discount? Someone did just that. I suppose he may not have much money to be fair but still…


I wonder if we’re going to see them complaining on the forum.


I think it’s from other sellers who routinely give that kind of discount without being asked that puts the idea into their heads.


Lordy, Lordy, @cyaxrex - that’s some client you got there!

Personally, I’d be inclined to respond along the lines of, oh, I don’t know, something like " thanks so much for your business. You are part of my expanding client list and I’m now so busy I’m about to put my prices up by 20%. That said, I’d obviously be keen to keep your business and would be happy to give you a 20% discount from my new prices.

Have a great day!"



Oh, so your business is booming and you decide to cut back on the expenses that made the growth possible?!?!? Yeah, that makes sense.

Hey buddy can you do more work for less money?


The stupid thing is, they already had a discounted rate. However, I already regretted giving them this. First, they made a few bulk orders. then cut back. Then they started being just a tiny bit cheeky by asking that I write them an extra 200-words per article.

They would send me a message for a custom quote, I’d send one. Then they would accept and tell me that this time they were looking for 700-words per article. They also have the option of saving $5 per order by ordering my basic gig package, but they want the full SEO works.

I think I handled it pretty well with:


No, sorry. I’m too busy and I already offer more in terms of quality than anyone else in my price range to offer discounts. Maybe trial another seller or two. who are priced more in-line with your budget.

Kind Regards,


I was worried about coming off as too aggressive. However, I really have no want to work with this buyer anymore.


You could send him an offer about 25% higher than he paid last time as an answer. I like to respond to cheek with cheek. Sometimes they buy it at the higher price when they see their ploy backfired.


I had a long and unpleasant conversation with a buyer today who wanted to dramatically undercut me and then was surprised when I found their offer repugnant. I should learn from you and just block as soon as I know it’s going nowhere.


This is something that happens at least once to a person in the creative field. It’s really interesting because one would never expect to go to a fast food restaurant and state, “I’ve been here last week and will bring along some friends with me, do you think you can sell me your snack box at a reduced price” or go to a dentist and state “clean my top row of teeth and if I like it, I’ll continue and pay the rest”. In other words, creatives always get treated as lesser beings despite being the ones who breathe so much life into the world: inventors, film, art, poetry, pose and so forth.

You would think your buyer would want to reward you for helping him improve his business but it seems very one sided, as though him bringing you work is a favour rather than an exchange, funds for service. True, you appreciate the patronage and he doesn’t have to chose you, but at the same time, he is being unreasonable, sad to say quite a few buyers don’t see it this way. However, praise goes to those who do and value the effort you put in.