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And Co Is A Godsend

I have not actually gotten any orders from it yet, but I would otherwise have to go through PP if I wanted to take clients off Fiverr. Now with And Co, I have a must more trustworthy and legitimate way of providing invoices and even taking direct payments.

I am glad that it is free too, as it allows me the opportunity to deal with clients in a far more independent way than simply going through Fiverr, and putting all of my eggs in one basket.

I know that there probably hasn’t been too much praise for this acquisition, but the more I go into And Co and set everything up, and happier I am with being able to use it as an alternative way of getting income from non-Fiverr clients.

It is literally the invoicing and payment site I have been trying to find for years.


So they do the payment processing and that’s how they make money I guess. They take credit cards for subscription payments such as if you want to have monthly charges automatically billed to someone but I can’t tell if they take regular payments or not.

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Does it take fees like Fiverr 20%?

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You can use it to take credit card payments which cost the seller 30 cents each plus a percentage of each sale, I think it was 2.9%. So a $100 sale would cost you 32.9 cents.

You send an invoice from andco. and then the customer can pay through the credit card payment processing function. It’s not supposed to be an online service but it must be if you are sending an invoice over the internet.

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You can also ask for direct payments too, with their feature. It’s pretty nifty, as if you want someone to just pay you directly 50$ or something for a service without having to deal with a contract or invoice, that can happen as well.

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…until Fiverr cross-references the sites and someone finds themselves accused of violating the TOS. I’ll stick to my preferred competing service for dealing with my off-Fiverr clients.

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That sounds a bit overanalyzing. It works fine right now, and it doesn’t seem to be broke.

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You know, you might have a point there.