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AND CO Software 🤔 🤔 🤔


Does anyone use AND CO software? Is it useful? :thinking:


@sujanisewwandi it is very effective softwere you should try it :smiley:


Yes I used it for several months. It turned out to be a great app and I decided to do my complete accounting
with And Co beginning with January.



I have used ANDCO for contracts and invoicing. It is REALLY helpful. It makes you legitimate and serious to your potential customers. I was actually with ANDCO prior to the merge with Fiverr and was very happy they decide to partner up.


I do agree with that. I’ve used the proposals, contracts, and invoices for several months. The software is very easy & intuitive, I really like to work with it. 90% of proposals sent get signed by the client, and 90% of invoices are paid on time, while the rest follows a few days later after sending a reminder (the software reminds you to send a reminder and you can do it with just one click, that’s awesome).

As written previously I moved my complete financial accounting to and co since the beginning of this month, and I can’t be happier about my decision. Whenever I get invoices by mail or as a pdf download, I just mail them to my shoebox and create corresponding expenses with one click. Clean and simple. At the end of the year, it’ll take another click to download the income&expenses summary including all attachments, make a .zip file and send it to the tax consultant. Without and co, it took me several hours while now it’ll be done within the minute.

Plus: the support is amazing. There’s a chat widget within the app to chat directly with support. I use it for sending feature requests.

If you invest 20 minutes of your time to learn how it works, you’ll love it.



Hi All! Might be a bit off-topic question, but anyway:

How does And Co earns money? Do they earn by some sort of comission fee per each contract\invoice or whatsoever created and proceeded through its platform?


Hi there. AndCo was a separate company which Fiverr acquired some time ago. The logo now is “AndCo From Fiverr”, I guess they offer the service for free because it’s a good advertisement for them, people who’ll use AndCo are exposed to Fiverr and might start using it, especially if the product is good.
There’s also “Learn from Fiverr” now, though that’s not free. It’s both a good way to reach people who aren’t already using Fiverr, or didn’t even know about it.

Apart from that, as with anything “free” on the internet, part of the payment probably is your data.

You also can never know if a company at some point will start to charge, of course, some switch from free to pay to play, or offer additional benefits with a paid-for subscription, and depending on how invested you are by then, it might be hard to switch to something else.

I’d tried AndCo when they re-launched it as “From Fiverr” because at that time, I was looking for a time-tracking tool which AndCo includes. The other features as Tom described it, sound good as well, but I prefer a more offline and “in-house” approach for invoices, bookkeeping, etc., as far as possible. If/what parts of it you’d like to use depends on your own situation, it won’t hurt to try it out, either way, as it’s free and you don’t have to enter “real data” to test if it suits your needs.