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And how much is Fiverr worth?

Just a little bit curious…how rich is my ‘virtual employer’?

Fiverr is not your employer, nor are you an employee of Fiverr. You are actually a customer of Fiverr – a customer who is given the opportunity to host your unique contract services on the Fiverr platform, in return for paying Fiverr 20% of all of your earnings.

As to how much Fiverr is worth, I don’t believe that information is publicly available at this time.

As of November 2015 total funding raised by fiverr was $110,000,000.
There are various ways to value a website and without knowing the income and seeing the balance sheet per month it’s impossible to give a value to the site. It’s possible fiverr will go public at some time so at that time we would be given a value based partially on sales of stock to the public.