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And i survived in bad economy, true story

In last June 2014 i was 26, married, jobless and broke, Awesome!

Submitted my resume at more than two thousand places in June and guess what still i have not heard back from any single of them. May be my master degree is not enough for them to give me a job where i may get paid $100/Month.

Back in June 2014 I was utterly disappointed and was about to give up when i found Fiverr, So i said what the h*ll give fiverr a try. Very next day i got an order and i was so excited, i delivered the work and got thumbs up from my buyer, believe me that day i was over the moon. I will never forget that buyer, mostly i will never forget the sweet satisfaction which i got from those 4 dollars.

I am not saying i am very successful on fiverr but the experience i got from fiverr gave me the confidence to be a freelance and provide my services to the world.

With the experience and confidence which i got from fiverr, now i got full time on line job and earning in six figures

(in pkr) which is a great blessing for me. I am enjoying my work most importantly now i am enjoying my life at most.

Fiverr has made my life supper Awesome!

Thank you

Fahad Ahmad

Congrats brother !! Hard work never fails :slight_smile:

This is inspiring.

Great work :slight_smile: Hope you’re enjoying the new job.

Well done! Thanks for sharing!

Masha Allah, Feeling good to Read your Motivational Story.

Hard Work Always Pay.

May Allah Give you More Success

nice work

Great job:) inspiring story, I hope you’ll go higher with your success:)