And it begins



First day on fiver, after 24 hours of creating my first gig, I got a $60 order, created another gig and after 24 hours got a $10 order, so this is a good start, I know i will have bad days but I will not give up, aiming for big things here :slight_smile:

Tips I worked with : Took good care of my gig, made sure videos and pictures are attractive, used the right tags…

Wish me luck and thanks for reading :)>-


Wow, impressive all the best!


Good work, Best of luck


What tags would you suggest?


A $60 gig for your first order?! That’s great! I wish you the best! It’s all about consistency and continually learning how to make your gig better and implementing that knowledge!


Hey man congratulations. A good beggining, it’s true that sometimes you will have many gig orders and sometimes nothing, it’s the freelancer life but keep it up.


Nice story and Congrats for your success !!


Fantastic news - so happy to hear this!

For the rest of you guys trying to get those first sales, there are few great takeaways from this post.

  1. Use professional-looking images.
  2. Have a description that’s articulate, attractive, and helps make what you’re selling stand out from the rest.
  3. Use carefully-selected Keywords. If you’re stumped, take a peek at keywords that the most popular Sellers are using in your niche, and use that for some inspiration.

Invest the resources up-front to make your Gig stand out, and you’ll reap the rewards!


Congrats and welcome to fiverr!


Congrats on this! You’re off to a great start.


@writerlisaz - Congrats! I know this feeling all too well…
I started just wondering… In less than a month, I got Level 2 status. Now… I’m praying no orders come in when trying to clear my queue deadlines :slight_smile:

All the best! - & also please try to get as much persons to favorite your page as possible. It helps loads.



Ebbs and Flows! Nice work!


Boom!! That is how you start off. Good luck in the future gigs.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

  • Henry Ford



$60 for your first ever order,my that’s really great ,how many buyers will trust a totally new seller ? good show will…


Reply to @julipalmer7: Thank you :slight_smile: good luck to you too


Reply to @mahfuzrahat: Thank you, wish you the best too :slight_smile:


Reply to @dannygrand: thank you so much, I was surprised too for getting for order $60, guess I’m lucky! good luck to you too :slight_smile:


Reply to @woodyediting: I suggest you use 5 tags, maybe like this : video editing, video effects, editing, movie, videos
simple tags are the best, remove cheap editing and logo, I don’t they are good.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Reply to @itssandu: Thank you, I always keep that in mind to motivate myself :slight_smile:


Reply to @webexpert1313: thank you, good luck to you :slight_smile: