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And my best selling fiverr gig just got deleted

Just got a message from fiverr that my gig was deleted due to the following reason:

“Third party TOS violation - Your Gig has been flagged by our team following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is violating their terms of use.
As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings.”

I was selling exactly the same service like them (one of them a top seller) and getting orders on regular basis:


I was actually giving a tough competition tough top seller… His order flow decresed drastically after i started selling at a lower price.

Due to think He may have reported my gig violating TOS as i have used the website name in my gig “************** .com”. If thats the case, then why these sellers including the top seller have survived selling the exact same service.

Can i create the same gig again by modifying it? Or will it risk my account?

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If he reported also your gig wouldn’t be deleted if it didn’t violated the Fiverr TOS . You must have done something wrong.


Just wanted to know, if using a websites name or picture on a gig result in deleting the gig? If yes, all the links i just provided have exactly(100% the same) gig as mine.

As fiverr states that a third party complaint claiming your Gig is violating their terms of use. Does it mean, my rival has reported my gig or is the the website that complained?

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By any chance , Did you exactly copy their gigs?

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My gig was the second one after the top seller;s gig. It was super unique and perfect. infact other gigs created after that copied my gigs content. I had got 20+ 5star reviews in just 20days and then this happened. I dont think a website like marketwatchb .com can complain to this as i was not doing anything wrong. Do you think a rival may have complained it?

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Did you contact CS regarding this issue? They might help if you didn’t do anything wrong .

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I have contacted them instantly and submitted my request, they are yet to reply. i am waiting for them to reply.

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To be honest, I’m waiting for Fiverr to ban all domain authority, DA-92, etc guest post gigs. The vast majority are either scams or breaching third party site terms of service, which under no circumstances allow people to sell guest posting to their sites on places like Fiverr.

At present if you search for blogging and article writing on Fiverr, you come across a saturation of "DA-92 Guest Post" and "I will write an article and post if to 20 million DA-100 high-authority websutes" gigs.

Fiverr banned backlink gigs and now the same sellers and their, brothers, sisters, aunts, roommates. and friends, are all back at it by spamming every writing category there is.

Sorry, but I hope your gigs stay deleted and that this is a sign of Fiverr cleaning house of all gigs like yours. They just make the marketplace look cheap and nasty.


Hey mate,
I agree with you that spamming any platform is bad. but throwing rude words without knowing anything is also bad… If you can’t help a fellow member then just skip the topic. Thinking of yourself like some pro(pseudo) and judging other people’s gigs as inferior(spam) without even knowing anything is not cool.

First learn to respect people and If you really think you are a PRO then help them out rather than passing any useless judgement.

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Do you write for Market Watch? Do you have authorization from Market Watch to tell anyone on the Internet that you can post an article on their platform? Do you have authorization to charge for doing that?

Let’s simply even further, has Market Watch got any idea who you are?

If you can answer no to any one of the above questions, your gigs are in breach of the terms of service of Market Watch and Fiverr. The same applies to every one of the 301 DA-90 domains you promise to get backlinks from on your remaining backlink gig.

Edit: If I was you, I’d probably also expect to wave goodbye to your Harvard University guest posting gig too. :roll_eyes:


You have no idea what you are talking about. Go to **************.com. Thats my website and its feeds are getting published to marketwatch. So, yes, I have the authorization to distribute content on marketwatch and Coming to the harvard post, I have students blog at harvard .com and yes i can publish there.

Now what? Do i need to further prove you? Pay me and i will publish your content.

Whats wrong with selling expired domains? Where does it break any TOS? As i said with you before without thinking yourself as a PRO, critcizing and judging people. try to help.

You cant do thing that doesnt mean others cant. I see no point of you asking me to prove you.

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First, your Harvard gig is presented as a gig which publishes on Harvard University:


Change that to "I will post in my Harvard University Blog, and you are okay as far as their TOS and Fiverr’s TOS is concerned.

Secondly, your website having a blog feed published on Market Watch is not the same as you having authorization from market watch to publish content others pay you to on their website. If I am wrong and you think it is and have proof, show that proof to Fiverr and they will possibly reinstate your gigs.

The problem with your gigs is that they are exactly the same as gigs like this which get Fiverr bad PR because 99% of the time, they are not genuine:

Also, your website does not have https enabled. I got a warning in Chrome just for visiting. That doesn’t really lend much weight to your claims of getting high-authority backlinks.

Like I said, though, just contact Fiverr to clarify how you do have authorization to guest post on places like Market Watch and everything should be right as rain. :wink:


Now Thats what i call help. It clarified some of my points. Thanks for the info

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I also had my best selling gig deleted once before. It can be very heartbreaking. If you understand the reason behind the ban on your gig and can correct I am sure it is safe to create the same gig again . Your previous customers will still have Access to contact you. It’s can be a very sad situation but at the end of the day you learn from the experience and raise from the rubble.


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