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And Once Again Buyer Changes Review in Response to Mine

This is now the second time that a buyer has changed their review from positive to negative because of the review that I left them. Why is this allowed? This is so wrong and I am so tired of it.

This is very disturbing. I contacted support and apparently this is okay behavior according to Maria

This is going to sound a little harsh, and I don’t mean it to be, because I’ve worked with over-demanding buyers and wanted to give my honest opinion in a review, too, but why would you give a buyer a negative rating when they gave you a positive one?

I understand, really, I do, that some buyer are just terrible to work for. They are demanding, angry, self-centered, and just don’t respect you…but ratings don’t show up on buyers’ pages. Giving buyers negative ratings would matter only if there was some way for other sellers to find those ratings.There’s no way for other sellers to see that rating, so why bother giving a negative one, especially when they’ve given you a positive one?

I’m not saying you should lie, but even if someone was difficult, you could just leave a “Thanks!”

The reason is probably because buyers are human, too. And if she feels that she spent her hard-earned money on your service, maybe she thought it included excellent customer service, too. If she left a positive review, then saw critical remarks by you painting her as a difficult person, she probably took it personally and responded in kind. Sort of like ranting about the situation in a forum, it was her way to rant.

But I’m just guessing.

Reply to @celticmoon: That would be my guess too. If I get a positive review from a difficult buyer I prefer not to rate them than offend them and have them, let’s say, change their mind about the transaction.

As there’s currently no rating weighting for buyers whatsoever there isn’t even a point in having to rate them. A negative review doesn’t even serve as a warning to other sellers because there’s no tracking of reviews on them.

That old saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” works well in this instance.

When this happens to me I simply don’t rate the buyer.

Wait. There are 5 negative reviews on your over 1k sales gig and yet it says 4.9 stars. How is 1300+ sales made 4.9 by 5 bad reviews… did a whole bunch of people just 3-4 star you and throw it out? Man, that seems insane to me.

Actually I only have 4 negative reviews and I have been trying to figure out why I am at 4.9 stars now too. It is insane and one reason why I am leaving Fiverr for bigger and better things.

emasonwrites said: There's no way for other sellers to see that rating

That may be in the process of changing. Check out the profile of one of the buyers on the OP's buyer feedback list. Hint: begins with the letter "a"
I have seen buyer ratings on other ocassions also.

Reply to @ricksper: Oh, yeah, I’ve seen that, too. When I saw it, I usually just assumed that the buyer was once a seller and their rating is left over from those days. It would be great if it meant that our ratings of buyers actually meant something, though.

My real point was that sellers can come to our pages and see a detailed list of feedback, both good and bad (though it’s more difficult now that each individual buyer’s rating has been stripped of its individual stars in favor of an overall rating)from a large percentage (hopefully) of people that we’ve worked with. There’s nothing of the kind for buyers.

I guess my real, larger point is, though, why both taking the time to risk your own rating by downrating a buyer?

Interesting. I’ve seen a couple with ratings, too, but I thought maybe they had formerly been sellers, and the ratings had come from sales, but that they didn’t sell anymore. But all the ones I’ve found since reading @ricksper’s post (about 4 or 5 so far) have no ‘world domination’ or anything else that indicates being former sellers.

Maybe the time has finally come!

Hi :slight_smile:

That is interesting and thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear that. Can you still contact them, make friends and mutually edit your reviews so it is a win-win situation?

I have posted here a guide about Star Rating & Reviews. Useful mainly to buyers, but by what I read here, I think it would be interesting for sellers too. I’d like to know what you think: