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And, the countdown continues

Okay, so it’s a new week!

10 days of school before we start our Christmas break. Believe me, I’ve been counting down since the first part of December. I am SO ready to get out of my state and into another one for vacation. I just need to get away for a little bit from here and my job at the school.

I went in early all last week (couple of days stayed late too). On Thursday and Friday, I did the job of 2 people (not just one) because things have to be done and our new person (while okay) isn’t efficient enough to get it all done quickly. I slept hard this weekend and even this morning (after going to bed at 7, I was out and didn’t get up until 3 a.m.).

This is a new week - a new week to tackle orders, which I have every intention of doing and getting done quickly. I pray that this week there is no overtime even if it’s 15 minutes because I’m tired and I have other things I WANT to be doing instead of my school job. Next week is going to be tough enough. This week needs to be easy or at least easier.

As for Fiverr stuff, I have new orders coming in from repeat clients and a few tire kickers but nothing substantial. In my mind, that’s not really a bad thing because there are other important things going on. Of course, it’s a new week so we’ll see how it all goes.

10 more days and I can relax on my two-week vacation from one job. I’m looking forward to that most of all!


A whole two weeks! It sounds wonderful. How nice to have that to look forward to. For me a vacation is a slow week or two without many orders. You deserve a break. I don’t know how you do it.


Have a good time. Sleep in, relax, and enjoy your kiddo! :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not like going out to substitute teach on cold winter mornings, so I mostly depend on Fiverr during the winter months for my $ to buy the little extras.

I will have my grandkids over Christmas break as they do not have school then. Therefore, I will not be sleeping in that week. Love the kids, don’t love not being able to sleep in. :confused:

Yesterday was just BAD… LOL… 9 more days.

Yesterday, I had to yell at some dirtbag who cut off the bus trying to leave with my kid JUST getting on it. I’m sure y’all have heard of kids getting killed for inattentive drivers. He seemed to just being a dirtbag. Well, after Shane and I shared looks of WTH was that about and he left, I yelled at the dude that the next time he saw that bus he needed to stop. AND, if he didn’t, I would report him to the school district and police. (HE HAS NO IDEA I CAN LEGALLY TURN HIM IN AS CAN SHANE).

What gets me so mad was the way he was coming down the street next to me. I was like really dude!


@misscrystal I do it because I don’t have any other choice. It has to be done. That’s the only way to explain it. It has to be done. Things have to be paid and things have to get done. My school job is a part-time gig that (if I decide to go back into the real world someday) people realize I have worked. Many employers - least here - seem to think my writing job is just a hobby.

Pheesh… I wish. :slight_smile:

@vickiespencer I’m with you on this cold days. It’s a nightmare to get out. I’m wearing two layers of clothes and I’m still cold. Blah.