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And the dashboard fails again

Last month we all had some issues with orders not showing up in our dashboards. Well, it happened to me again. I have a late order this morning that was certainly not in my queue last night, or at all any time this week! Anyone else?

This hasn’t happened to me. However, don’t you get notified via email? Or the Fiverr app? Or in your notifications?

I think I get a notification, but I don’t sift through those to find orders from four days ago because I expect orders to show up on my dashboard. Maybe I should start double checking, though, because this is the third time it has happened now.

mine has been like this for ages it says I have 10 orders but I only have 8? fiverr dont seem to listen so I gave up on contacting them

I switched to using the “Orders > Sales” page as my primary page a while ago.

I didn’t like it at first, but now I prefer it, because I can see just enough order details to make things easier (like my “Express Pass” options…)

I lived on the Dashboard for around a year, but no more.

I do go to the Dashboard once a day or two to verify overall sales numbers, but not for order handling. I verify my tasks regularly on the Sales Page and it’s been a win.


Yes, I happened to me also.

I just realized a $45 order when it was 1 hour late. But I managed it with the buyer who understood the situation.

It didn’t showed even in the notifications.

I just realized when entered SELLING>ORDERS>PRIORITY tab