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And the frustration has returned!

I mean, I knew this was comin’… I should have known that January had been too perfect. I mean don’t get me wrong I had my fair share of cancellations (yay) but most of it was OK. I’ve been pretty patient too, making sure to ask 10 questions instead of the usual 5 - just so things will go smoothly.
So I went along with my routine. Got one of those ‘somewhat poor English but OK’ orders. Asked the usual questions, thought that I was given enough details. (it’s a love letter btw but that’s you know, somewhat irrelevant). So fastforward, I finally finished the letter - I was asked to make it romantic and sweet and truthful and etc. So I did. Just now, I was told that it’s too long (…was I the one who paid for this much? nah), too cheesy - ok that’s sort of true but…

another thing that I will not mention until the case is closed (cough cancellation cough probably) but let’s say that it rhymes with insects. (well, partially. but still)

I… probably would have still written it because I’m finally moving again and it’s quite far away so… but STILL. I’m considering contacting CS because I wasn’t given HALF of the info I would have needed and I have a feeling that even if I rewrite it 5 times it’ll either be a bad review or a cancellation, but…I WORK WITH KIDS. THEY NEVER ANNOY ME SO MUCH. I’m patient and calm but come grown adults and I’m ready to tear out my beautiful red mane.
tldr: I’m frustrated because the buyer forgot to give me half of the info I needed for a project, asked for revision and I already know that it’ll end up in a cancellation, so now I’m praying that I’ll still stay above 90% after that…

(off… does anyone know if this fantastic and amazing and all website works in China?..)

edit: ended up getting a cancellation. CS will ‘look’ into the case…


You had a GIANT red flag there with that word you said rhymed with insects. I wouldn’t have accepted it. :warning:

Obviously this person is going to be difficult based on that, aside from the fact that the entire request is repugnant. This person is just begging for a type of sick attention from you, and is not a serious buyer.

He only told me after asking for a redo. Was like ‘you need to be less cheesy and more subtle because she’s my ----’ (it’s stepinsects,and he might be married to her mom…. I contacted CS right after that, just needed to like… rant. I mean, the thing is, I’ve know people who have gone out with guys that much or close to that (he said 12 years, but of course one can lie) older so at first I was like ‘okay…’ Once I realized bugs were involved I just sort of freaked out…

I also agree with that now, but since I had no idea first I was like… ‘meh, okay, a love letter to a younger girl is OK’… If he started with the fact that well, he’s THAT to her, I would have called CS on him right away.
(I was mosty kidding with the would have accepted it anyway part, would have sent him far away probably). It IS probably just some sorta weirdo but like…
glad it only took down 3% from my completion rate lol.

If it’s a love letter about incest that’s a red flag it’s not going to go well.

In that case I would have refused to cancel it. He sounds like a creep.

Not liking it is not an allowed reason to cancel. I would have told him that and said “I wrote what you asked for. Not liking it is not an allowable reason to cancel.” If you had revisions included in your gig description that is a different thing so you would have to revise it but the fact that he left out a MAIN fact to begin with negates the possibility to ask for a revision in my opinion.

I don’t even care about the cash I was more focused on reporting him lol Just tried going through CS if things went ugly. I think it might be a creep looking for dating website profiles or whatever…
Wish the red flag came earlier tbh. If he told me before ordering I would have said no and that’s it.

Tbh I wanted to get rid of him at that point. Obviously he scored two birds with one stone but I was really creeped out and hoping that CS would take it seriously lol

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He actually changed the entire requirements by omitting that in the first instance. For that alone he does not deserve to get a refund.

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The thing that rhymes with insects is illegal in many parts of the world.

Would CS be happy with you agreeing to complete a task which supports illegal activity? Please just get it reported and cancelled.


I would never give this guy a refund and I would tell what he asked for in the response to the review if he gave one.


He was sneaky enough to not tell me until I sent in the first letter. After that he casually mentioned it and I was like (help me). I contacted CS and they said they were sorry etc etc but it’s not gonna give me back my time and my sanity for a while. I’m sitting here praying that he was a scam and not an actual weirdo. I mostly joked it off in the post here trying to convince myself I was exaggerating…


Had a feeling he would just keep refusing it. Plus even if it’s a scam… Gross.

(if not, hope the poor girl will be left alone…)


Could be someone like Pewdiepie testing what fiverr sellers will do, anyway, you did the right thing.


I hope it all works out for you - not what you need at all! :sunny:

I thought of that as well but I watch him enough to know it wasn’t him - and it didn’t seem like someone forcing bad English. But dropping the bomb after the order made me wonder if they were somewhat smart.
Glad it’s over.


I hardly recognized you with the new profile “pic”


Somebody’s stolen my avatar!

Think it’s a bug really! :rofl:


I’m glad they took it down. You were making the rest of us look ugly!


LOL - you should see me IRL! :rofl:


The incest thing just makes me want to BARF!!! :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:
The money is not worth it in any way, shape or form.

Here in the :us: the laws vary between jurisdictions.


In all but two states, incest is criminalized between consenting adults. In New Jersey and Rhode Island, incest between consenting adults (16 or over for Rhode Island, 18 or over for New Jersey) is not a criminal offense, though marriage is not allowed in either state.

Let us hope he crawls back under the rock where he came from. :snake:


It’s not actual blood sucking insects cause he’s the step parent. So. Yeah but that made it even creepier to me.
I mean he’s with her mother. I don’t mind mentioning it now cause case is close so yeah it’s the step dad.
I think our creepy crawly should be dragged back under his rock but…
I always think I’ve seen it all on this website and then realize that no I still have a lot to see.
What terrifies me is that he didn’t even go on and lie…