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And the funniest spam award goes to:

So - we all get spam once in a while. Lately, I’ve been getting quite a few. Sometimes I entertain them a bit (because I’m bored and quite frankly, in quarantine) but it IS getting on my nerves. My favourite so far had to be the person who (mistakenly) thought one of my pricier gigs was a Buyer’s Request and went:

well i accept yes. so do you want to help me? just give me an idea of what you want, I give you the details and you evaluate. What about?

(after I explained what the gig meant in further detail). I do realise newbies make this mistake a lot - but it did make me crack up (so I didn’t report them!) I’m curious though, what are the funniest / weirdest spams you have gotten?
(PS.: I am not mocking anyone. I actually helped the seller by explaining that gigs don’t work like that (and hopefully they’ll listen to my advice). I just found the wording itself funny :slight_smile:


This is still the funniest I got. No order was ever placed.



I do not call it a spam but it was weird. I posted BR for voice over and I got message from voice over artist that is somehow completely confused and has two active accounts because I started replying and then got new message from another seller similar name, actual response to my question, so I was like I ask and he responds on A and then on B profile and then back to A. It was so confusing to connect the flow of the messages.

And he had reviews on both profiles. Same profile image same everything, just not derek but derekk name.



These two are the worst/funniest I’ve gotten.


- Then there are these messages, which I receive daily.


I really don’t understand why you don’t just pass all your orders to them - can’t you see how fantastic their writing is?

(Sorry bull**** make me turn my sarcasm on)
You are super sweet for even bothering to talk to them instead of just reporting them off the bat. I don’t always have the patience.
I’ve also gotten the other type of SPAM you’ve mentioned. Very “fun”.


Here’s one of the funniest spam messages that I’ve gotten! I was so confused because he contacting me regarding my Kahoot gig and then he said that it was a “coincidence”:thinking: and he called me “sweet dame”:joy:

Here’s another spam message I got that’s similar to the one that @ducktheunicorn got. The user wanted to work with me to convert documents but he couldn’t even spell “hi” right. It’s literally 2 letters?!

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Here’s my weirdest.

The file they attach is some sort of random banging that almost sounds like someone’s hands smacking a counter top.

Quite an odd one. I almost would assume this is some sort of little kid that saw fiverr on youtube and decided to try, despite having no idea what it does.


Aww - that might have realy been a kiddo though (it happens, I guess!) it does sound pretty odd though. Might have been just a very bored person haha.

Sweet dame - ahaha, that’s at least kind of sweet! I do get a lot of messages on the wrong gig (somehow people don’t seem to know what a choose your own adventure story, which, I guess I can kind of understand since it’s a bit specific) but once someone messaged me on that gig for song lyrics! I’m glad they didn’t order! I do think some people don’t really understand how the site works I guess but yeah it gets weird sometimes.

The other one is annoying but common I guess -.- I admit I’ve been tempted to ‘try’ out some of these sellers but I worry it’d end nastily for both sides. (and I’d be catering to them if I ordered from them so it’d be reinforcing spammy behaviour)

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Yep, I get those all the time:
-I can make your logo perfectly
-what logo do you need?
They think that I’m looking for a logo and offering their services to me :woman_facepalming:
I do report those because it’s not funny, affect my response rate and frankly it’s not tough to check help page to learn how fiverr works.


I report them as SPAM, but I have this message set up as one of my autoresponders. I click the automated response to avoid having my response rate hit, then report as SPAM. My hope is that sending these messages with my report will get these sellers to refrain from sending the same messages to other sellers.

I try to be nice when it’s obvious that their English is below a certain level and it could be a weird misunderstanding, but I do agree that it’s an issue with how our response rates can be killed just by a few of these (unless we mark them as spam / reply pretty quickly). This one I found funny because of the tone used. Felt very ‘be happy you get to work with me’ lol.

HAHAHAHA Well let me send a spam here!
I can help you convert these documents. I can even spell “Hi” right! :joy: :rofl:

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