And then there are the great buyers!


I rant about the discount buyers and the people who don’t read directions, but there are some really great people on this site!

I’ll admit it: I work harder when a buyer pays well. When someone promises big orders in the future or tells me they love my demo, it’s nice–but it’s not very motivating.

I HATE having to ask for another $5 or $10 to complete a job. It instantly puts me off the exchange because I find it so distasteful. But when a buyer comes in and pays full price (or a little extra) to ensure the job is well done, I’m moved to work hard and make sure the buyer and company are proud of their video or voiceover and happy to have chosen to work with me.

Buyers, please remember: you are our first introduction to your company, and you are asking us to represent you!


I am waiting for my great buyer to have my first Order!! #:-S


Well said!! =D>


I also HATE when buyers think they can get the benefit of extras without paying. Luckily, every buyer who has done so usually didn’t read the entire gig, and paid the extras willingly or enthusiastically.


Hats off and well said !!! :)>-


Here, here!


I have had a few dream buyers as well. They read instructions, don’t take my time for granted and compensate me well. They make my fiverr experience great and take the edge off of the not-so-great ones.


Yes! :slight_smile:


I’ve talked before, too, about the one or two problem buyers I’ve had, but I also have several buyers that pay well, tip well, and are always great to deal with. They follow instructions, they respond promptly, and they, like cheezees said, make it easier to deal with the ones that refuse to read instructions or try to squeeze you for work. I love working for them!


This is really good…:slight_smile:


Well said! I have some of that type of buyers too and the most important is that they are really satisfied with the end result :slight_smile:


Well It’s True that some Buyers are not Good.

But I have Many goods Buyers That’s Buys my all Extra Gigs Services.

It’s Depend on Our Gigs Services



Well fayestap, why waste your time with cheap buyers. They will promise you the world for future, many videos to do in future and if you give me a discount now you can be assured we will do business again. You know how many times I’ve heard that in my 26 years in business. It’s a load of s***. Fiverr is already cheap enough.

If they don’t pay, cancel the order. Your service is already too cheap. We charge more for video services and get those who want professionalism in video. Several times a week I’ll get someone requesting a discount. I got a message last week asking to make a video because they were poor. Well, their website looks like a million to me!

Of course, if this is your full-time job you want to be careful. Apparently, a lot of people depend on fiverr for extra money, we don’t.

I’m direct with words as it’s the only way to get the message across these days so don’t take offence.


I have good buyers who have come back to buy more gigs from me.


If you want to get good customers on fiverr then provide samples of your work and longer description and details. Good buyers who think $5 is pocket change will read everything you write, the more the better. The more you write the more you seem like a real person who cares. It is important for sellers to check their grammar and spelling… there is nothing that puts us off from buying as much as when we see you can’t write correctly in English.

Love all you guys for being on fiverr!



fayestap said: you are our first introduction to your company, and you are asking us to represent you!

Very useful reminder. I don't personally ask sellers to give me half the world for $5+ and I often order several gigs to use the version that gave me the best END RESULT. But never thought of it like that. Thank you!


Well, so far I’m happy with my customers too, maybe that’s because I only got 3 so far now. What I do see quite often though are people that didn’t read my descriptions… I feel like a parrot telling the same story over and over again ö…

I hope to get a level soon too, as I think the fun part starts there.


99.99% of my buyers are wonderful and such a pleasure to work with! I like to think that people are inherently good in general also.


That’s good. I find good number of buyers who are regular visitor to this site. Enjoy working with wide variety of people.