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And Trump wins again

Michigan and Mississippi today. Like him or hate him, the guy is a born winner.

Hillary feels she can beat Trump.

Yeah, it would be a miracle if he wins, but the boy (he really is a 70-year old “boy” ) is putting up a good fight.

He built casinos in New Jersey and there was one old lady who had a house right in the middle of the strip of casinos who was determined to keep her house and Trump spent millions to try to get a law passed condemning her house so he could build his casino on the land. I’m not sure how it ended. I think she won.

I think Trump is immature, Hillary is dishonest and will always be associated with Bill Clinton’s whatever, Bernie is a socialist (I don’t like that!), Rubio is the Republican John Edwards (remember him?), Kasich is not even serious and Cruz is very smart, most qualified of the lot, but not all that popular.

Because people are frustrated…for example, as @fonthaunt said, it costs $500/hour to see a lawyer in the US and will vote for someone who promises them something different from the usual - as the usual is not working for them. It’s not just in the US, it’s the same story in all democracies, including India, Germany and the UK.

Big win for Sanders in Michigan, but he is fighting a losing battle here.

Maybe he is a socialist, I really don’t know :slight_smile:

Canada and US have been built on 300 years of free market capitalism…so it’s okay for them to offer a few random socialist programs I guess…but my distrust of socialism is because of how things have been in India…we never had a chance because Nehru chose socialism over capitalism when we became free 66 years ago. Other Asian countries that chose capitalism are now 100 times better off than we are. Capitalism builds wealth, socialism distributes it…socialism is fine if you already have wealth.

India has a type of “socialism” that doesn’t seem to work well.


The lawyers getting rich won’t be fixed by a new President that’s just what they charge.

It’s cool that you are interested in the US elections.

Trump is very aggressive.

It’s entertainment for me…I am not emotionally involved in it, as I would be, if I followed Indian politics. So I follow US and UK politics rather than Indian politics.

That wouldn’t be a smart idea, obviously, because even North Korea has nukes…miniature nukes…that can be packed into suitcases…

Would you want to visit the US ever?

No, not really…what’s the point? I hardly ever step out of my house unless it is to have coffee or watch a movie.

Or to visit the bank, or to shop once in a while at a mall…so basically, I never go beyond 2-3 kilometers of my house for anything…

No kidding?