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And what about deceptive job offers


I have found that some buyers, make an excellent offer, work with benefits, too good … offer a high sum of money … long-term work.
but actually. just look for a sample, without any cost, and as many sellers attract, the majority ends up escaping without paying, or fulfilling the offered.


You’re right, it happens. I do not offer free samples. If someone has a large project and wants to get a feel for my work before committing to the whole project, they can look at my portfolio samples (work I’ve done for past clients) and order a small part of the project to start.


They’re only buyers if they actually buy from you.

It’s simple: don’t give free samples. If they want a sample, send them a custom offer for $5 or $10 or whatever you feel is appropriate.


Great … excellent idea …


You’re right … you have to put them in their place. so that they respect the time. and the money of others.ll :sunglasses: