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...And when they ask you for a sample of a report?



Sometimes a buyer asks me a sample of one of my SEO audits. I do not like this behavior, though I may understand the question.

My reports are made by me with the help of some Pro tools and I do not like to send those data to someone. Plus, it is a 5$ deal…

Sometimes people don’t understand the value of others people’s job.

How do you handle these situations?



Maybe give a report you did for someone else? Or a first page? I’m sometimes asked for headline samples, radio samples, e-mail samples, this is quite normal. Some buyers want to evaluate the quality of your work before they hire you. One buyer even wanted me to sign a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement, but I turned him out.


Last one:

“I just want any sample SEO Report. You can take any popular website as an example to prepare a report. Regds,”


I agree with all above. Make a base sample that you can then send to any buyer who asks for it. Yeah, your spending some time on creating one, but it’s one you can use over and over.

This way you get to send a sample which makes them happy, and you didn’t waste any time creating a new sample for them. (Time you could be spending on another project for money.)

Just my thought.


You guys are right.


At another site I had a client who asked me for a sample of a blog piece. I gave him that and then he wanted another one. I said no more samples without any orders. I suspect he made a habit of getting work done free and then not ordering. Another client gave me guidelines but then when I’d done the gig, he kept changing the goalposts. What he asked for initially took about 20 mins. By the time he’d finished changing the rules, each job was taking a couple of hours.


That’s why I ask other sellers’ opinions. Many buyers try to have jobs done for free, even if we’re talking of 5$ per gig…