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Android App Does Not Notify


Since last few months, I am not receiving any notification on my android app. Buyer sends messages, places order or request revisions, app does not notify me. I can know only when I get an email. but generally, email comes almost 1-2 hours late. As a result, I lost my repeat buyer just because of my late reply. Avg. Response Time is 2 hours now that has never happened to me before. Sometimes I get orders with 24 hours delivery. So 2 hours is really important.
I reinstalled the app after uninstalling. even tried with resetting my phone. Nothing could bring the fruit. Is there anyone facing this issue? Need suggestions if anyone could overcome this situation.



Try using another phone and see if that resolves your issue.

I receive notifications to my phone.


From the dashboard, check the notification settings under Settings:


Okay, I need to check on one of my friends mobile. will let you know.


Checked it. Everything is okay there. Please take a look at the screenshot


On the app, check on Settings - Notifications - Push Notifications.
There you will find also a Test Push Notification button.

On the device, check under Settings - Apps - Fiverr - Notifications if the notifications are activated.


Checked them also and everything is okay there. I think I should contact CS.


Make sure your phone doesn’t optimize the Fiverr app in the battery settings. That happened to me and i had to disable battery optimization for the app, which basically cleans up the memory and cache. Hope that helps.


Yes, it worked. thanks. The setting was in power saving mode.