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Android App unable to download any gig attachments

In the newest incarnation of the android app, all downloads of attachments from buyers fail.
I use my tablet to read scripts in the booth, and now I have to save them to my google drive from my workstation in order to view them on my tablet because I constantly get “Download failed, please try again” in a red bar at the bottom of the app. This has been happening for a few days now. I’ve tried restarting my tablet and reinstalling the app, with no success.

I also have the same issue since few days. Before it was working fine. Not sure what happened. But I can download them from browser. But with Fiverr app it’s failing to download attachments. I hope someone have this issue resolved by now. If so please help.


As per my understanding of Android OS, you need to reset your Download Manager Storage option in the Settings->Applications->Download Manager->Storage/Memory part.
You may also do the same for Fiverr application and hopefully your issue gets resolved.

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I don’t have download manager separately. Settings-> Apps shows only download app. There is no option for reset. In Fiverr, i have the permission for Storage.

Actually it worked fine till 3 days back. I am having this issue since last 2 to 3 days. I have restarted my phone. I am not sure what else to be done.

Please suggest


which version of Android are you using?
Please take snap shots of the apps page as well

Moto g play 6.0.1 android os.

what is the exact error you get while trying to download the file.
furthermore, please mention are you getting the downloading error only on fiverr or you get it while you attempt to download a file from any app

I am having the same problem." Download failed please try again" . its only happening with fiverr. I checks app Permissions , I uninstalled the app and reinstalled and still nothing.