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Android Developer

Hi Everyone !!!

I am Android Engineer and new member at Fiverr…
Please about your advice regarding my gigs.
I had create just 7 gigs and there were impressed and even clicked but not an order yet…

Thank you for your advice!!!




I’m also new here and i already shared my gig to many people. But nothing happened till now. :pensive: :pensive:
People who are working here from long time have much more experience about that.
If you don’t mind then we can connect with each other (in inbox or at anywhere) so that we can help each other in better way. :blush:

Hope we both will get orders soon.



I think we a both will successful just need to practice on gig and create a complete of seven projects for it.
You can find me on LinkedIn. My name is Anna Pedrak and I do live in Ireland.
Nice to hear from you.

All the best !!