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Android Phone Notification

Hello, I am using Samsung Note 5 and fiver app notification was working well till last yesterday. But for the last 24 hours I didn’t receive any single notification alert while I could see notification on my laptop and email. Anyone with similar issue who can give me a solution.


Make sure your phone is properly connected with wifi or the data is ON. If the problem persists, reinstall the app. Hope it will fix the issue.

Already tried but didnt change anything

This happens to me alot. I informed the app feedback, but didn’t get any respons.

Did you update or install anything in this time period?

Yes now its working. I reinstalled and made my phn all apps preferences reset. Dont know exactly what fixed this but thats exactly what I tried.

Everybody facing the same issue. even on IOS. We can’t trust mobile app’s notification all the time. same times it gives notifications of previous chats as well haha… :wink: What i am doing is go to the app and refresh the chat once when i have a free time, since it confirms whether we got a notification or not… :grinning::+1: