Angry customer response. What I can do?


I was working over 100 of jobs for one of my client since last year. He was seems nice at the beginning and I agreed to work under his budget for many orders he placed. In last week he asked me to do some works and I did that. (wrapping an artwork around the backpack.) he marked the orders with 5 star satisfactions. Later he want me to send the flat images where I already used to wrapped around the backpack. I already wrap them so I asked him to give me some time to redo the things and send it. that day I was not around my computer for couple of hours for some personal reason and he thought I’m not responding him by intentionally. He started go through all the early submitted projects and start giving me bad ratings because of anger. He said they were perfect at that time and He used those orders and rate me bad just to show me his anger. Is this will effect will my career here in fiverr? Can someone please guide me what to do hear after.
Also there is one more problem. Today I faced an problem seeing my inbox and messages. they all were blank. I got one more disappointed customer already. :slight_smile: I told him/her that there were issue in my message box but seems like he/ she already upset with me now too. :slight_smile:


Hi Heather!

I would suggest you to talk with the buyer and explain him the situation and ask to modify the feedback because this is obviously not fair to you. If that won’t help, try contacting Fiverr Customer Support and explain them the situation, they are not allowed to change feedback but in my opinion this case might be different.

It won’t affect your career, but of course it’s not nice to have them…Regarding the inbox issue it should be solved already :slight_smile:

Have a great day!


If that buyer does not listen to you and is being unreasonable (which he is already being), stop working with him/her. You still have a 5 star rating, you can save/retain them by not entertaining that buyer anymore.


Thank you very much for you advice. I’m trying to explain him slowly. I still afraid that he will be mad at me again though.


But still he can place orders when ever he want right? If I use resolve center and ask him to cancel the offers then what will happen? is this will effect the cancellation rate?


Yes When he want he can place orders…


I do not have much knowledge about cancellation rate.

Maybe @eoinfinnegan can suggest something (I find his suggestions greatly helpful). :slight_smile:


Thanks for tagging me @capri2794

This whole situation sounds horrible @heather_ruth, sorry it is happening to you.
From what I understand, the buyer asked you to deliver the “flat versions” but this was not part of the original agreement. Is that the case?
If so, then you were not obligated to do this extra work and the buyer should not have edited the reviews because of this.
If they were part of the original agreement then the buyer is entitled to review in the way he has.

However, as you agreed to do it - did you give the buyer a time you would have them done by? If not then his demand and reaction is unreasonable.
I suggest you contact customer support and ask for the reviews to be removed and quote the following which is from the Fiverr Terms of Service:

Buyers who abuse the Request Revisions button to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements.
Buyers who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the seller not related to the agreed requirements.

Explain to CS that the buyer asked for work which was not included in the offer and then left negative reviews when you did not do the extra work.

Regarding cancellations, Do not ask the buyer to cancel the orders you have already completed! This will refund his money and the reviews will stay on your profile.
It is said that having too many cancellations will affect your gigs but a couple now and then is not a problem. From what I have seen and heard from different users, having an order completion rate of 90+% is fine. If he does order again, just say that you are unwilling to work with him again because he broke ToS in your last order with him. If he persists, contact CS again.


I see the six one star reviews he left.

You should tell CS as eoinfinnegan said.