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😠 Does Fiverr monitor these groups?

With all the talk about social media promotion (the legit kind), I finally logged into Facebook this morning and typed “Fiverr” into the search bar to see what came up.

One of the most popular groups is the “Fiverr Review Exchange” and it is constantly getting posts from sellers with direct links to gigs. It’s not like it’s hard to find (took me <5 seconds and I’m Facebook illiterate). It’s also open to the public, so all someone at Fiverr has to do is go to the group and find all the sellers trading fake reviews.

Is Fiverr doing anything about this?

This is why buyers come to sellers asking for reassurance because “the last guy scammed me even though he had great reviews.” It’s Fiverr’s reputation at stake.


“Level Two seller account with 67 reviews for sale for $250…”



It’s amazing that all of the seller accounts I’ve clicked on so far are still active.


There are dozens if not thousands of these groups. It would be incredibly difficult to monitor every single one unfortunately.


I know, but you would think they could at least pick one and go through it every once in a while. These sellers are making it incredibly easy to find them if Fiverr wanted to take action.


What if they’re saboteurs trying to get their competition banned? :smiley:

On a non-conspiratorial note, I think it would be fairly easy for Fiverr to investigate and take action against them.

The forum Black Hat World is also a place where review exchanges, account trading etc. happen. It would be great if they did something about it.


Maybe since they’re on a ‘spring cleaning’ spree as of late they’ll begin looking into these things. Obviously they can’t stop it completely, but I think they can try a bit harder and take down a public list of sellers who are promoting their fake reviews across the internet.

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Would be really expensive to investigate due to privacy policies on social media sites.

Trying to police the internet rarely works out, usually ends up with loads of wasted time and money.


Very true, but I wouldn’t consider this policing the internet. These people are doing the work for Fiverr by putting their profile into a public list of scammers.

I’m 90% positive I bought from one of those sellers awhile back. The work was so awful, I can’t even start.

Still around, still level 2, has more great reviews and some pretty decent stuff on live portfolio. Either she got better in the past year, buyers are lying or tons of people aren’t reviewing.

I don’t understand how someone can go from horrible to pretty good stuff. There’s a chance it could be me but other sellers did great with same instructions.


Did you review Him/Her?

On top of that, they openly say that it’s perfectly safe, because they have two accounts. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe it was resold! :joy:


Or putting up loads of competitors profiles, or their people like you who were curious and had a peak. At best fiverr could ask the site owners to take down the group, anything else would be either expensive or risky gray area.

I’ve passed several screenshots to CS over the past months on those selling accounts or offering something blatantly against the TOS. Some have their entire profile listed which makes it easy.

I have no regrets.

Fiverr should be a place of those following the rules so that we all prosper.


It’s one of so many on FB, their own sites, forums, etc. I have reported entire groups before and I got the usual message about it being sent to Trust and Safety. It seemed like to me that either there was so much of it T&S was having a hard time keeping up or they just thought it would be self-limiting. After a while I was afraid I was actually spamming CS with so many reports, so I slowed down. It’s a tough situation.


Curious people don’t join, they just look :slight_smile: Maybe some people are posting other sellers, but many of them are definitely participating in the review exchange portion and I don’t see how it would be that hard for Fiverr to figure out who. It’s a matter of putting two and two together:

This person posted on the group + this person posted on the group, and now they’ve given each other five stars = Ban both

I thought so too, but then I noticed that they are taking down the pages that I sent them of people selling accounts.

Fb does does have a rule about not breaking third party sites so it might be better to report the groups to fb instead. Although usually nothing happens if you use the standard online report system, i had best luck by rending registered snail mail to the closest fb office (in my case that’s the Ireland office). Downside is its expensive to send registered mail abroad.