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Angry with Fiverr Rating system

One of my recent order was canceled. I did my job but the buyer canceled the order. But not a problem as the order was only of $5. But the buyer left an 1 star ratings with a bad review. & his review is coming in top of my reviews list. Also my average ratings was Down. Fiverr team what is this???

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If the order was reviewed, the review is permanent. It looks like the buyer was so upset with the work you delivered, that he, later, did a PayPal charge-back. While a funding source charge-back is wrong, it does not remove the gig review.

The three top/most relevant reviews on your account – including the one you are referring to, all say that you didn’t deliver what the buyer ordered. They have a right to be upset about that, and can leave negative reviews if they so choose. You currently have an overall seller rating of 3.9 stars. I would be more concerned with the bad work, and the terrible seller rating, if I were you. If you want to continue earning work here, you are going to have to change the root of this issue – that appears to need the most attention right now.

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