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Animated Explainer Video Gig

Hello, I create Animated Explainer Video. But I’m not getting orders now. I change my gigs title, description, tags several times using keywords, but still no luck. If someone can help me by checking my gigs and tell me what’s wrong with those gigs I’d really appreciate.

Thank you.


Edit and make more accurate, stuff related keywords. Promote your gig.


Thank you. I tried that several times. But I don’t know what is the wrong.

Another thing sometimes work, delete and recreate new gig.

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Thank you. Let’s see.

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You have created a series of gigs that essentially do the same thing in an attempt to get more orders.

Fiverr does not allow for multiple gigs spamming the marketplace from the same seller.

You are most definitely shadow banned and your gigs are either not listed at all, or they are pushed to the bottom of the results page.

Never create multiple versions of the same gig.

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Thank you. I created multiple gigs recently because I’m not getting order. That’s why I tried to create those.

Also, I will keep in mind your advice. Because I don’t want to lose my account.

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Read Fiverr’s ToS thoroughly, as it seems you are breaking the rules already.

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I just removed multiple gigs.