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Animated Gig Image


Is there any problem if I used animated gig images?


Yes there is - they’re not allowed. I’ve read of users with animated GIFs having accounts suspended.


OMG! very sad :frowning:


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Indeed…The text is hidden


I talked with CS about this matter, and they said an absolute no - you are not allowed to use animated gig images, and should instead use a video.

The reason is obvious: imagine if everyone would use an animated gig image - the whole marketplace would look as flashy as spam & scam, everyone’s gigs practically yelling of desperation to be ordered. All professionalism of this marketplace would disappear.

Would you even be able to look at 40 gigs that are all flashing with animated images? It would be a nightmare to choose one, not to mention the impact on the browser’s performance :scream:

Restriction of animated PNG

Nightmare before Christmas :smiley:


I’ve seen a few of these flashy animated images… They are totally distracting, imagine if they were allowed. It would be like taking a stroll down Las Vegas strip or something.


Imagine gig images like this:


Yes, It certainly makes my top 175,000 sad things in life list.


Man, that gif guy is going to be tired after all of that repeated… flailing around! :stuck_out_tongue:


I used an animated image for my gig, but it only animates when the full screen is not normalized.