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Animated Marketing Video for new Out-Of-Home Ads

Hi, I would like to ask you to help me with Animated Marketing Video.
Advice me the right person to meet my criteria.
Here is link to some videos that can give you idea about mine expectations

Please give me feedback or contact me via my FB, LinkedIn, G+

Thanks and have a nice day


I’m afraid that you won’t find much help on the forums with this. Any replies you get are going to be from people trying to sell you their services. What you should be doing is searching through Fiverr animation gigs and looking yourself at everyone’s portfolios.

Also, your example videos are Pro animations custom designed by professional animation and marketing studios, ones which in real terms businesses would spend at least $1000 on having created with at least a 30 - 60-day turn around time.

The above being the case, you should narrow any search on Fiverr down to TRS sellers and be prepared (if you want a similar level of quality) to pay a premium price.