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Animated profile picture


Can I add a animated profile picture like him?****
is that legal on fiverr?

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It’s probably not a good idea because another forum member said Fiverr removed the animated profile image when they added one I think. Also, it doesn’t show as animated in Firefox even though it does in Internet Explorer.


it animate in google chrome


Well that’s a cool animated picture :laughing:


See this post:
What The What?Suddenly my old all videos denied /The TOS Monster?

The only instance where I do agree with them, is when they restricted my account the last few days because I had just changed my profile pic to a gif.

I’m sure she means an animated .png as I don’t think it allows uploads of .gifs but if Fiverr doesn’t like animated profile images (which might be the case if that was the reason for the account restriction in the above link) it’s probably not a good idea to add it.


I see some people use the animated profile picture.


If you don’t want your profile to go bye-bye avoid using animated PNGs.


Yes thats my link, and my account was restricted because of the animated png (whatever it’s called–the pic flashed in different colors).


Will it effect on profile?


@mdhasan481 It’s not allowed and definitely not worth the risk. Read the post above yours, Mae said her account was restricted.


Yes you can.