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Animating Videos or Video Animation (Is there such a thing?)

Recently I heard a terminology that’s unfamiliar to me called, “Animating Videos.”

Does anyone have knowledge on this?

Say, if I were to give you a video clip (30 sec) of my puppy playing ball. What exactly can you do with it?

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Frank does that kind of thing. Don’t know how … but there are a lot of others who do it too …


Add background music and cheers? :thinking:

Maybe also some balloons and stars every time your pup gets the ball and brings it back to you. :innocent: :blush: :sweat_smile:


Nah, that’s not what he does. Video animation is done from scratch/graphic assets, not from an actual video clip.


I learn something new every day.


Huh. Thanks for that.

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There’s a trend called “scribble animation” where you take an existing piece of footage, and then hand draw on it, frame by frame.

You can either add cute secondary elements, like outlines or shapes, or go all out and essentially create a full-on traced illustration of the initial subject, making it look like a completely hand drawn animated illustration.

While I am honing in on my hand drawing animation skills using my iPad and Wacom, and can do shots like that, I wouldn’t ever offer such a time-consuming service on Fiverr as no one would be able to afford it.


Yeah, I was thinking of referencing that before tbh - but that’s usually not what people mean when they talk about animated video. That’s more of an effect, let’s say. This talking about the scribble effects. Full on rotoscoping and illustrating a subject is a whole other level though, I agree with you on that - way too much work. Just export frame by frame and send it to a photoshop expert and let him do the job lol.

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Well one can never be too sure about what the non-animating public means when they say: “animated videos”. :slight_smile:

Yes we are on the same boat, it’s technically not an animation if you are just tracing existing frames.

However, people see a sequence of frames and call it an animation.

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You could also have software automatically create an animated look to it, like a pencil drawing/painting or something, a bit like a Photoshop filter. It would be less manual work than doing it by hand (probably wouldn’t look as good). It might still take a long time to do that - but it would be automatic and could be half the frame rate (like about 12 fps) for a more animated look and also quicker).

It will depend on the chosen acceptation (sense/meaning) of “animated/animating”. And I think this isn’t circumscribed to the non-animating public, but also to those who belong to this field.

For example, if you read “animating videos”, plain and simple, it could just mean to enliven/brighten/vitalize something that already is animated (videos, per se, are animated things: it has movement), or it could mean to turn a real life video into a cartoon type video. It could even mean many other things, but I don’t know because I know nothing about this subject.

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Is it kinda like whiteboard animation or that’s completely different? Totally confused! :woozy_face:

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Completely different. It’s the type of thing you see in music videos, some neon light scribbles twitching around people and the like.