Animation Frustration or "Trying to hire on Fiverr"


I’m in the process of trying to hire an animator (someone who does actual animation and doesn’t use templates/software that I already have access to) and it’s been an off-and-on process for many months so far.

I’ve found 2-3 really awesome portfolios but, since they’re so good, they’re booked through the New Year “at the very least,” they say. “Not sure when I’ll have free time again.” :expressionless:

I have not bothered trying buyer requests again because my legitimate requests are either denied or attract people who do not understand what I am looking for because they won’t read my three-sentence description. It is an awfully frustrating process.

I really want to hire through Fiverr since this is where I work and it’s generally more budget-friendly, but it looks like talent is lacking in the animation category. It’s also partially my fault since I’m new to the industry and I don’t know all the fancy terms and specific techniques/processes that I’m after.

The search goes on…


I don’t know the terminology either and was struggling with a recent assignment in animation. You don’t need to know all the terms to communicate what you’re looking for. What type of animation are you looking for?

I might be able to help with describing what it is you’re looking for.


Sorry about that. Can you be a bit specific on the requirement?

I do agree, a lot of animators here use templates. Some ignorant buyers sometime compare me to them and wonder why my prices are higher. We create 100% custom whiteboard and 2d animations and put in a lot of work in our process.

I think fiver needs to have an option in refine search to distinguish the custom animation’s from the template based animations

What exactly do you require though. Since it is my field, I can point you to the right direction.


@topaz_muse and @ollydave

Thank you both for offering to help :slight_smile:

I’ve resorted to getting some character concepts designed to show the animator (once I find one) so we’ll be on the same page about the style that’s needed. The closest example I can give to the desired style would be classic Scooby Doo with a more muted/faded coloration.

So, you can probably guess where the confusion is happening :smile:


For that, specify the year (possibly early 1970s) so they’re not tempted to go by recent adaptions. You’ve got the style but are there specifics on what you want the animated piece to do? Is it going to be a short or long animation?

Another focal point since some animate frame by frame would be the number of frames per second (fps). I think 24 frames per second is the minimum for a good quality animation. Would be nice if the animation category were more expansive to include storyboard artists because that will help get your vision to paper.


Hi can help you formulating requirements that can clearly conveys your idea to animators. I am also a 3d animator