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Anime commissions for 10$!

Hi, I’m doing commissions on Fiverr! ![:heart:|

My prices range from 10$ to 20$, I do both chibi anime style and ‘‘normal’’ anime style, in all packages are included: high resolution, full colored characters and simple backgrounds! I deliver between 3 to 5 days, but for an extra 5$ the waiting time is much shorter!! (1-3 days) If you’re interested in my gig please check out my fiverr page!

You can also visit my instagram and tik tok page: @mokku_ren

thank you !:heart:

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Um sorry, but doesn’t it say that in ‘‘My fiverr gigs’’ you may put your links to gigs?

Yup. The user above you hasn’t translated the rules correctly. Gig links are indeed permitted in MFG and IMG.

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