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Anitibiotics in animal feeds

What are the views on antibiotics and growth promoters in animal feeds?

They are in most food unless you want to spend a lot more for your food. We don’t want them but they are there. Milk and meat are the two worst foods for this but don’t forget pesticides on fruit and vegetables.

That is true white antimicrobial resistance is the new global trending health topic, we have to very careful when make our analysis . research has shoed that in EU the use therapeutic antibiotics has escalated since they imposed in the bans in use in animal feeds.

This reads like one of those “please do my homework for me” posts you see on forums sometimes. I don’t have any particularly strong or notable opinions to share at this point.

Here we have a chain of stores called Whole Foods which only sells food without pesticides or antibiotics and everything is almost twice as expensive but people love it. These stores have to be seen to be appreciated, the way the food is presented, huge ice pyramids with whole fish sticking out of the ice. Homes within a close vicinity to these stores sell for much more.

Most of my food really is local and organic and that’s not because I’ve sought it out. I do live in a village filled with farmers with a healthy bartering economy. It’s been a while since I was back in the UK where the food chain’s decidedly less healthy, so I don’t think about it too much.

There is an organic shop though… they have great wine and tomatoes (in no particular order)

I have heard Greece is very healthy due to the wholesome foods and the climate.

I have few opinions on this. I don’t eat meat but I eat eggs and dairy. I don’t seem out foods that are particularly special. I have raised my own chickens for eggs and bred horses for fun. I have given my livestock and pets antibiotics as needed when they were ill. I think other people should be able to eat as they wish and don’t care whether they eat “organic” or anything else special. Oh
This is an odd topic for Fiverr even in Conversations. What’s your motive?