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Annnnnnnd I'm New!


Hello! This is my first day on Fiverr. I’m brand new at selling products but I’m hoping to learn a ton and possibly even build a brand. :slight_smile:


Welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome Good profile.


i also new to fiverr,


Welcome, and I wish you all the best! :slight_smile:


Welcome! And wish you all the luck @averydakota :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Great Platform . Hope you will enjoy working here! Read Fiverr TOS and take help from Fiverr academy as well


Hello friends!
I’m a new seller but I want to buy a gig from another seller. How can is it


Purchasing a gig couldn’t be any easier. To do so, open a gig… then click on the green purchase button. I think you can handle everything else from there.


Thanks for your reply


Hi @averydakota. Welcome here. If you need any sort of help, dont hestitate to contact me. Thanks