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Announcing a New Way to Withdraw Your Fiverr Earnings


Hey sellers!

We wanted to alert you to a new withdrawal method that we’ve begun rolling out today.

We’re now enabling sellers to withdraw Fiverr revenue directly to local bank accounts in local currency through Bank Transfer or, for U.S. Sellers, via Direct Deposit.

We’re excited to give you another option for withdrawing your money and hope that the quick transfers and low fees* make running your business easier than ever before!

This new method is powered by Payoneer. You can read all about it here

Please be patient as we roll out this new feature and let us know of any bugs you encounter or feedback you have.

*Bank Transfer - $3 per withdrawal. Direct Deposit - $1 per withdrawal. Additional fees may apply based on your location and currency.


I was approved for direct deposit, but how long do I have to wait now to be able to deposit my earnings to my account? I was unable to link my paypal account to my fiverr account. I’ve had this revenue sitting in my account for weeks and I would really like to withdraw the money I rightfully earned to be able to spend it. PLEASE HELP


I have funds that I cant withdraw either…this shouldn’t be difficult Fiverr Team


hey can you tell me details of fees for non us bank transfer?


I tried it, but it didn’t work for me. I clicked the Direct Deposit button, then I got a Payoneer link where I entered my name, routing number, etc. Then I got another e-mail telling me I had been approved. Then I clicked the button again, nothing happened. So I clicked the usual PayPal button and got my money.


That Fiverr takes 20% off the top and then charges direct transfer fees is not in keeping with any other online consultancy system that we use. It is better to set a minimum amount required before using direct deposit and absorb that fee out of your 20%.


Direct deposit setup takes a little patience. Just give Payoneer time to get your info. in the system. A few hours after setting up my direct deposit, I clicked the direct deposit button, received a conf msg on screen, next received an email conf that the direct deposit is being processed and that a $1 fee was charged (which is similar to Paypals max fee) and that it could take up to 3 days just like PayPal transfer to bank works.


My local bank account is a USD account so i want to know which currency will i receive if i use Bank transfer from Fiverr ?


Reply to @kjblynx: thank you :slight_smile:


Hi, I added bank account in my account. Fiverr said me that they will review my account and when done they will notify me. Can you tell me how long it will take to approve my bank account ?