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Announcing Improvements to Custom Offers

Heads up, sellers!

We have a new update to Custom Offers which improves the Offers you send to buyers. Instead of choosing between creating a custom offer or sending an existing Gig, we decided to combine the two.

There are times you want to send your existing Gig, but need to make tweaks to customize it for your buyer. Other times, you use the Custom Offer option, but then need to fill out all the details, which can be time consuming.

Starting today, when you send a Custom Offer, you can select one of your existing Gigs and customize it per the buyer’s request. You can easily do this by selecting an existing Gig, add your predefined Gig Extras, set a custom price, delivery time, and the number of revisions for each offer you send.

Another advantage of this change is that all ratings, reviews, and work samples will now automatically be attached to a Gig you offer.

How does it work?

When you receive an inbox message or respond to a buyer’s request, just click “Send an Offer”. Select a Gig you want to offer and Gig Extras you want to include, and then describe what’s included in your offer. Next, define additional details, such as number of revisions and delivery time. Finally, enter an amount for you offer and click “Submit Offer”. That’s it!

We’d love to hear your feedback here:

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good improvement fiverr

very nice! made it easier for us…

Why is there a feedback form on this?

I prefer the old system, where I could create an offer that’s not related to any of my existing gigs.

Totally loved it :slight_smile:

Lovely…I am loving it :slight_smile:

I love it!

I agree with catwriter.I prefer the old system too because you can create a different offer.
Sometime I have the impression that at Fiverr they do not think to anything other than to complicate our lives.

Very nice update. Previous was also nice

same here

Sounds good to me.

I agree with you, especially if you run into a buy that’s not so cool

good improvement fiverr

So thanks Fiverr for these updates.

If your offer is not related to any gig, you will loose out on the ratings and feedback. Not sure why someone would not want to link a gig to a custom offer…

agree with you

really excited

That’s great :slight_smile:

I’m agree with you. I prefer the old system.