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Annoyed and fed up

submitted a request for a flyer design and agreed with a seller. and agreed time was 24/48 hours for design. I have now been waiting since the 4th of September for this. have been promised it today but no sign and just feel im being fobbed of with excuses, roll on next 24 hours so I can cancel and request a refund. why say they will do something and then not do it

If a seller promises to have something done in a certain amount of time and then fails to fulfill that promise, especially more than once, don’t keep waiting around for that person to get their act together and do the work. What most often happens is that they just never get around to it.

Did you actually pay for the gig on Sept. 4th? And when you say you submitted a request are you sayign that you emailed back and forth to go over the details and discuss a time frame? Or did you just go and order a flyer with 48 hour delivery as an extra or something?

ANd yes, just go ahead and cancel the order and request a refund.

Yes I discussed with the person that I required the item with in 48 hours so they sent me a custom order which I paid and sent over all the details they requested,then have had excuse after excuse but would be done no later than Tuesday however still not replying to my messages since then. How do I now go about cancelling and requesting a refund? I can’t seem to find out how I do this?

Reply to @switch10: At the top of every order page, there is a tab that says “Resolution Center” or something similar. Click on it and it will allow you to request a cancellation.