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Annoyed by all the posts like ''Help 1st order''

I’m a little annoyed by all the posts like ‘‘Help 1st order’’, ‘‘I want 1st order’’, ‘‘1st order fast’’…

I understand that people that are new here are desperate, but that is not an excuse!!! Don’t get me wrong, I think asking for advice is great, but PLEASE read the forum before desperately asking for a magical solution to get an order (not to mention how half of the people that post this kind of topics speak horrible English and violate TOS regulations)!!!


So, on that note can you help me get my 21st order?


Don’t stress out over forum, if you go back, way, way back you will see that in period of 10 years all is same, just different profile names.

People post nonsense every day for past 10 years, and in the rest of the world from beginning of www existence.


Hahaha, thank you! I needed to rant :sweat_smile:

Lol! They’re being closed more or less as soon as they appear.

It seems there’s a new video on youtube …


Oof, I know what kind of videos you’re talking about :weary: They make starting out for people who take this seriously so hard because they attract so many sellers who just want to make easy money!


Search just gave me 24 new videos in last 4 days with title some variation of: Make money on Fiverr zero work zero skills.

Khm… Me go watch video now, yes.

Me be rich soon, yes.


Help me to get my 490th order lol

If the post is not in Improve My Gig, Simply Flag it. Moderators will look at it. I guess we have closed around 15 posts today. But most of them we (the mods) catch First. It will be more helpful if we can get those unwanted posts from Community Flag.


I’m about to make a youtube video of my own taking shots at all the “Make money on Fiverr with no skills needed” videos.


I flag them most of the time, some other times I’m too annoyed to even do that :rofl: Btw, thank you for your work.


I really wish people would watch those videos critically. People love the idea that you make sales by completing a bunch of stupid tasks. It’s sad how ignorant and lazy so many sellers are.


People who watch those videos are incapable of watching them critically. If they were, they wouldn’t be watching them …


Yes. You have to be extremely ignorant and incompetent to think any of that is good advice. It makes zero sense. So many sheep.

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At the moment, to be fair, people are desperate and are looking for hope. Personally, I feel that’s the worst thing about those videos …