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Annoying and unactive buyer

Hi guys,
I am new on fiverr and I sent buyer request to customer which was accepted(20 dollars). In the requirements, he just wanted me to add two columns in WooCommerce “Order” page in admin panel to store tracking number and tracking company provider. I made a separate plugin for this because he was not providing FTP access for the job. He said to me that it is not a good practice for one plugin to rely on other plugin and he said you have to create a full premium plugin for WooCommerce Shipment tracking. I said it is a premium plugin i will take 50$ for that, he replied he will give me 10$. As I am a new seller on fiverr. I wanted a long term relationship so i said i will make it. I made a premium wordpress plugin that meets each and every demand.
**Sceen recording he sent to me

Screen recording i sent to him.

The plugin is working fine on my laptop and my friends laptop, . But he sent me a video that whenever he performs operation through my plugin He see a page “The Link is not working HTTP error 502”. And then i sent him the video performing same operation but i didn’t saw any error page. The plugin is working perfectly. I told him to clear cache and cookies but still he faces the same issue. He has strictly said to me that dont deliver the project on order page until i approve it inbox. This issue is not resolved from 10 days. What should i do now?


Wow, I understand your worries Sir, You just have to be calm with him, Explain things slowly, don’t be upset, send him the videos, images, or perhaps step by step guides on how you did it yourself…
Or perhaps use TEAM VIEWER with him, and operate his computer on your end so make it work there


Thanks for the advice @joshadservice . The problem is he comes online after 24 hours for few minutes. I have done a good job and now I need some money. what should i do? :neutral_face: And he doesn’t seem to be much interested in what i say, he just ignores the step by step guide i sent to him.

There is a small probability that the error is caused by the server configuration. In this situation you could propose him to let you check on his production server. The real error you made was to accept $10 for a $50 job.


@pacquo Yes I also think its server error. I asked him to contact siteground customer care.

Tell him about the Team Viewer sir

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Usually hosting companies don’t deal with plugin errors, you should analyze at least some log files and verify things like php configuration, apache configuration and file permissions. Otherwise you can not say “I think it is”. The buyer can simply reply “well I think it’s not”. You need to provide some proof.


@pacquo you are right. I will ask him for FTP access again. Thank you

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@joshadservice Thank you dear

@pacquo please check the videos in post.

I had a look to both videos; the good thing is that both tests are performed on the same website, the bad thing is that you do different things and this leads to comparing apples with oranges.

The buyer edits an order deleting the shipping (carrier: DHL), leaving the shipping address and the tracking information (provider name, tracking n°, tracking link) empty.

Then he goes on the order list, selects the edited order and enters the tracking number (letter and numbers, a random data I guess) of another carrier in the tracking number field.
Then selects “Tracking & Provider”…and at that point gets nothing (kind of expected result).

At first sight one may suppose that there is almost no control on the input (tracking number format and empty fields, for example) and the error may be defined as “unhandled exception”. What happens if one enters a tracking number for an order that does not have one? Did you try to do the same?

@pacquo i just made short video. The ending result of both videos is save when we apply bulk action. He gets error and i dont get it. BTW thanks for being so kind and helpful

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Your problems started when he asked you to develop a plugin without dependencies (i.e. not relying on other proved and tested plugins), forcing you to reinvent the wheel.

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