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Annoying Buyer Requests

Now, I feel like this is something not many people have talked about. When people rant about buyer requests, most people discuss the sellers, but there’s also plenty of issues with the buyers.

Lately I’ve seen some pretty annoying buyer requests saying incredibly rude, disrespectful and straight up frustrating things. Here is just a few:

  • “I have the rights to unlimited revisions”

  • “If you can’t handle my budget I will report you to Fiverr”

  • “If I don’t like your work I will cancel the order,”

  • “I need you to do something for me- but I can’t tell you what”

  • “I want all offers to match my needs, if they don’t I will destroy your account”

Are buyers really allowed to say all these things? I’m all for the report button on Buyer Requests, because I’m just getting sick of reading these. Each of the ones above I’ve seen at least three times each, and all by different people. It’s so frustrating.


I agree you. They have tried to force to do what they want with low budget recently. What should we do at such times?

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We just have to try and ignore them. As much as we all want it I don’t think that Fiverr will add a report button for them- but it can get so frustrating.

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Buyer requests are a cesspool. Maybe 1 in 100 is worth it. Lately I just go there, see the budgets and automatically eliminate 99% of them. Not worth the time to even browse that section, tbh.


I’m new Fiverr, but in the case that something like this happens to me, What would you advise me to do? Can I report to Fiverr?

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Wait, buyer requests doesn’t affect your visibility on Fiverr?

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I’ve just seen another one. Here is what they wanted.

Budget: $5
Delivery Time: 24 Hours

“Hi there I am in need of some work, I want you all to make me a video game for me- it needs to be exactly like call of duty but I want it completely customised with new guns what are better. Budget is fixed at $5 if you can’t do it don’t respond or I will report you to Fiverr. Also don’t bid if you re not willing to do the work before I order cuz i need to see that it’s good and all. Thanks”

I literally have no hope left…


Good Points thank you so much

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We are here to sell our services.But sometimes buyers treat us as we are selling ourselves to them and they can do anything with us.It’s really not that is expected.Totally frustrating.

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It was discussed in the past.

Apparently they are. And you’re allowed to ignore those requests, and to have a bit of fun when those buyers complain on the forum that the seller they hired for $5 to make them an entire game scammed them.


Can you link to where it was?

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Link of links:

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He has ,great" English to start off, pretty sure a C.O.D. game is worth more than 5$ lol Anyway, yeah, a lot of red flags, who would want to work with these people anyway. You don’t even have to be a seller with bad buyer experience to recognize a lot of wrong things with these posts, it’s your common sense. I also think that some of them are trolling at this point, I mean, come on… 5 bucks for a C.O.D. type of game, thanks for the laughs, time to move on.

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Like the price is even the problem lol. A game like COD will not get made on Fiverr, at ANY price. That’s insane. We are talking about 100 million dollar, hundreds of people project. Nobody that’s qualified to do it would even be here, they are working at industry giants. That’s just a bad troll.