Annoying Buyer >:(


This buyer : Fragglesrock :

is very abusive and asks for free stuff and don’t want to pay for the proper work done, DOES NOT read the gig details or extras, IS NOT a good communicator and asks source files for free and DOES NOT HONOR THE AGREEMENT~

Threatening me to comply or he will complain to Fiverr Community

And to top all of that off NOW DOESN’T WANT TO PAY FOR THE WORK ALREADY DONE !!!

Please be aware of such Buyers

good day ~

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Reply to @jaymiles: I agree with Jay - just document all of the abuse and open a ticket with Customer Support.


your best bet is to contact fiverr support take screen shots of the conversation you think isn’t appropriate or not fair. i belive Fiverr has low tolerance for such behavior and they are very helpful and usually quick to response!