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Annoying buyers: Is there a solution?

I saw a buyer’s request on Fiverr and then sent him a message to help him. He tells me the gig was not requested by him and I am trying to spam yada yada. I don’t understand these jerks. They put in requests and they complain like little babies. Is there a way to stop them from blocking us? This is because he threatened me of blocking my account by putting up a complaint on the help centre, even after I had apologised to him, and double checked his username! I need help and a real bad one! :-SS

Buyers looking for someone to do a bit of work need to be shown some compassion because this is what they face when they make a request.

ricksper said: I have no idea why the screenshot was duplicated?????


Reply to @ricksper: I have no idea why the screenshot was duplicated???

Hey @madmoo! Thanks a ton for your help! I am a lot more relieved now! :slight_smile:


Reply to @xcogitative: Glad to hear you’re more understanding, because as much of a pain as some buyers can be, THEY are how you make money on Fiverr~ Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and do a good job or answer an email nicely no matter what. Or at least not be abusive about it! :wink:

I just dealt with what I felt to be an unreasonable buyer and left with a sour taste in my mouth. One of very few experiences with one. He did not listen to instructions; my instructions clearly state to attach an image or pdf file for us to print out, however he sent us a compressed archive file link from a 3rd party site. Not only was this going against our instructions, but the archive wasn’t even set public so I couldn’t download it even if I wanted to. We do not download any external files, much less zip/rar files due to the potential threat of viruses, so I responded literally within minutes telling him to send just the image file. Took him a day to respond to that, and he just sent the same outside link yet again. I responded a 2nd time, again within minutes, repeating my clear instructions to attach only the image file directly. It then took him 2 days to respond to that and finally send the image file alone. At this point there were still several days left on the order - yet this buyer then decides to suddenly become impatient and sends a cancel request saying I was unhelpful and non-responsive… that is hilarious because I responded to each of his messages within about 5 minutes of receiving them, only to have to wait a day or two for him, wow. I gladly cancelled that order, I have no need for that kind of hassle and the possibility of a negative review over $4.

I’ve always been polite to my customers, this guy included, but sometimes there comes a point where you need to step back and just realize that the potential downsides are just not worth it. There are plenty of other buyers out there, and the majority of them are nice and polite people who are a pleasure to work with. I’ve had many positive experiences with Fiverr thus far, so I won’t let one bad experience get me down today. Just keep your head up and keep doing your best; the buyers who count will appreciate it and let you know. The best source of inspiration for me is when buyers send nice messages, leave good reviews, and are happy with the effort I put in.

What hurts me about this particular exchange was that I actually was excited to work with this buyer as I believed in his project (a music release). On second thought, I’ve made a decision - I will go ahead and post some of his flyers at the local major record store just for the heck of it, even though the buyer cancelled and ticked me off, because I’m better than that. When it comes to music, film, or other art I believe that the artist should be seperated from the art - regardless of personal issues, the music should stand on it’s own and be judged by it’s own merits.

@celticmoon I understand completely, but then some of them just know how to get on your nerves and that just becomes very very annoying. I know they are my source of income and I shouldn’t even be complaining, but don’t you think if we are the ones swallowing our pride, they should be equally considerate and try and acknowledge our hard work?

@adversity I am so glad you took it all in a positive stride, and trust I am doing just that. Not for the sake of others, but for myself. After all, what is in the point of cribbing for one person when you have plenty of them who really appreciate your work and give you such amazing feedbacks. I hope things only get better from here! The best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

Reply to @xcogitative: Exactly, no use fretting over one person who might be rude and unpleasant to work with when there are many others who are nice and are ready to do business with you. When the bad ones do come by, it’s best to just ignore them.

I offended a “buyer” once before. The user was using the “Buyer Requests” to advertise his writing services. I submitted a request and he got offended when I offered my writing services to him saying that he is in fact a writer himself. Something tells me he didn’t quite understand how the “Requests” area worked.

The best thing you can do is limit your requests, and switch to different categories if you get a lot of “fishy” requests and avoid keeping your gig vague. One of my most effective gigs at weeding out buyers is to make it broad enough to hit most users, but comprehensive enough to weed out those that may try to exploit me for next to nothing.

I ran a research gig. I left it broad to let all types of people make suggestions and it was one of those “ask before you order” gigs but of course, noone listened. I had people asking me to give them about 10 hours work for 5… that’s not going to happen.

In general though, there isn’t much you can do. The best way to deal with an annoying buyer is to not only have clarity enough in your gig as to what you provide for an initial base price, but clarity in all of your gig extras as well. Also to have a good revision policy.