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Annoying Buyers request notifications


I do not know is this happening to all but I keep getting notifications I have Buyers request every 20 minutes and it is super annoying. I think I got message from client and it is just the BR section letting me know there are new BR for me. How do I stop this?

For entire day my inbox is buzzing and it is just BR.


Hey, welcome to this fresh hell of false alerts! It doesn’t seem to be triggering for everyone, but I’ve had over a dozen alerts over the past 24 hours…



Are you a part of the Seller Plus program? I assume you are.

Go to the Seller Plus Program page.

There you have Manage Buyer Request Notifications.

And… do this


Good grief! A thousand blessings upon you and all your future descendants! :sweat_smile:

Why the heck isn’t that button on the Buyer Requests page itself as it was for a brief period of time a few weeks back?


Thank you.

It is actually great.

Wish they notify us about the feature, not that we have to read minds.

@enunciator it is actually good, check this out:


Thanks, but no thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Going through BR just gives me a headache these days.

Buy why the heck did they set the default setting for notifications as every 15 minutes!?


Well, for BR above 500$ I just might force myself to take a peek.

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I’ve seen enough scammers who post $1000, $2000, $3000 requests just to get eyeballs and never really offer anything close to that price.


You have just saved me from imploding, exploding–or possibly both.

I had already messaged Customer Support to express my wrath, dismay, revulsion, repulsion, abhorrence and everything else disgusting.

These buyer request notifications were destroying my focus and sanity. Thank you so much!


This is a great feature I think.
But why it didn’t applied to all sellers?
I’m not a seller plus, so I can’t get this feature.

Hopefully it can be applied to all sellers soon.

Well Seller Plus people are paying for extra features, so it’s obviously something that would fit the program.

As you can see above, it’s very annoying. I checked the program page right away and sure enough, I stopped those notifications after I received the first “batch”

I have read about this feature and found it very useful for a small seller like me. Especially when our offer can be prioritized in the list of hundred seller that buyer accepted.

I am a small seller here, I still need to learn a lot.
I wish I could be participated soon to this seller plus program, cause for me now, a chance to be highlighted when sending an offer is a great opportunity.

Hopefully they will soon opening a new batch and I can get invited soon.

I think you misunderstand what this is about.

It’s a feature that tells you there are buyer requests available. That’s all. It gives notifications in your inbox. You won’t stand out or anything if you apply. It’s just a notification system.

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