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Annoying scammers

It’s really annoying when sellers user fiverr to deceive buyers. fragglerock is advertising a software installation for £5. He has no intentions of selling anything for £5. He is in fact trying to get $750 out of you. Why is the ip and account of people like this not blocked?

Calling out users is against forum rules. Please report this user to Support:

I reported him to CS. He’s gone. But I did it because he was so blatantly breaking the fiverr TOS and I was afraid you wouldn’t bother reporting him. It’s very easy to do that, and help keep Fiverr a nice place for everyone. You’re welcome to rant (once is enough, not multiple times as you’ve done) on this forum, but your complaints alone won’t accomplish anything if you don’t bother to report the offenders.

Reply to @celticmoon: CM?

Did you have to “sign up”, before you could submit your first ticket to CS?

And if so, what exactly did that “sign up” involve?


The very first time you file a CS report, you do have to create a “support account”…what’s your Fiverr nickname, where do you want your email correspondence sent, a password, um, I think that was all. Quick & easy. From then on, every time you file a report about a specific problem, the response is assigned a “ticket number” (which is why some people say “file a ticket with CS” instead of “file a report”). You can communicate as much as you need, always using that ticket number, until Fiverr and/or you agree the issue is finished; the ticket gets closed then.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I filed a report when I saw what I thought was evidence of multiple accounts being used by one person, and ever since then, I’ve used the same ticket number to send any further suspicious gigs or member names. So I didn’t file separate reports for each complaint, but until Fiverr closes the ticket, it remains open, and I use it to quickly send them this info. Fiverr’s policy for this problem is to refer the gigs/accounts to the editors for review, and whatever they decide is NOT reported back to me. So I only know the outcomes if I go back later to see if the gigs still exist, or the account remains on Fiverr.

At first, I felt like a tattle-tale, and was a little sheepish about it, like “Sorry, me again. Could you check out this gig? I don’t think this is actually legal”, but CS has always been very nice. I think I even apologized for being a pain in the a$$, but the tech person said, no need to apologize…we appreciate the information.

Because I already knew this issue isn’t something I could solve by reading an article or anything, I just went ahead and sent an email to “support at fiverr dot com”, but for most things and to keep CS from being overwhelmed, they want us to check out the FAQ section and learning center or the forums to see if we can find the answers ourselves. That’s why you may see some experienced members giving help on the forums but also saying to NOT go to CS without trying this, that or the other first.

Wow, I didn’t mean to write a thesis…okay, time for bed, I’m obviously getting too yacky…! 8-}

Reply to @celticmoon: Laugh!

“Yacky” is good - when you’re trying to help others. :slight_smile:

I’ve dealt with many support functions, so I knew most of what you wrote here. But this is a great summary for Fiverr Newbies.

You should consider copying & pasting it, into a new thread of its own. :wink:

It appears that Fiverr’s CS is running third party software so you need to establish credentials to access it. Your Fiverr UN & PW should work.