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Annoying user, help!

I’m very new to this Fiverr thingie. The first day I published my gig an user contacted me. First he asked if I was real, wich was very weird. Then, he proceed to ask for pictures from me and kept telling me to prove that I’m real. Eventually I blocked him because I realised he wasn’t going to buy anything. And then, today I received a similar message, asking if I’m real and to send them a picture with a note or something like that, I think he is the same guy u.u
I don’t want him bothering me anymore. What can I do? Can cs help me with that or I just have to put up with the issue?


Hello @alyx

Welcome to Fiverr. Please mark it scam and report him to CS and block it.

Have a blessed day


Block that creep! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Contacting CS is a good idea; hopefully, Fiverr can do something to prevent that buyer from creating a new account after getting himself banned from Fiverr. (It must, right?)

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Report them immediately for spam you can also block the users.

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Hi @alyx,

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to hear you’re having such a bad time with this type of users.

Before reporting them directly through the Inbox and blocking, as previously advised, please reply to their messages with a simple “No” or “Reported”. This is for keeping your Response Rate safe.

Creepy people can be found anywhere and, sadly, Fiverr is no exception.


Just block them. They’re either scammers or creeps. I’m sorry. I know it’s unsettling.

Unfortunately you can’t prevent these from popping up, but you CAN report them.