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Annual Payments

Good morning, all freelancers! I’d like to ask you a question today, as I don’t want to go against the Tos of Fiverr…

I sell chatbots by telegram, of course, on fiverr, Not all customers are able to host the bot and set it up. So I thought I could offer hosting as an extra. But that would be an annual payment, is this thing “legal” on fiverr?

Thank you, everyone.


You have to ask customer support for that to be safe

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Annual payments won’t work I believe, but monthly could!

Maybe it is possible. Do contact CS

Since Fiverr has a 30-day delivery limit, monthly may work better if you can prove you provided the entire month of service. The site doesn’t offer any type of subscription orders, so it would be up to you to send a custom offer in time every month to ensure continued payment.