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Anomaly with impressions


I have this weird thing going on with my gigs impressions. One day it had 184 impressions, and that’s it. After that it’s much less.

This is the gig:

Can anybody explain it to me?


Perhaps your gig was featured on the front page of Fiverr for one day, and that brought in a brief spike in impressions.


Okay, thanks for the answer!
But why it was featured on the front page? And how to get featured again? :grinning:

I don’t know why sellers are featured on Fiverr. That is a question you would have to ask Fiverr. Usually, if you are featured somewhere, that would be at Fiverr’s choosing. Fiverr does not accept requests from sellers to be featured anywhere on this site.

If you were featured, consider it a bonus, and move on. You are still responsible for reaching out to your target customers, showing them what you can do for them, and convincing them to hire you.

I’m sure there isn’t a formula for that. If there was, people would try to manipulate the system.

Focus on being the best seller you can be and providing great, professional service.

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