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I recommend that fiverr members location should be hidden from other users. it should only be visible after a transaction has been successfully completed. The reasons is to foster easy order irrespective of your location, because i think most users are more concerned about locations than doing the right job. just to avoid being sentimental in offering a job, issues like this should be looked upon.

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Pretty sure nobody really cares where you’re from so long as your gigs are top quality


Why am saying this is because i know about some couple of friend’s who signed up a fiverr

account and prefer to remain anonymous due to the fact that they feel orders are made based on

an individuals location most times. A lot of users do complain that despite the practical alluring

Gigs,they still end up having no orders. Thanks

Maybe it’s the gig and the quality of your writing, and not to do with location? Because several of Fiverr’s top writers are from places like Pakistan.

Also, if being in a particular location gets you gigs, please tell me where all these buyers are who discriminate on location, because I don’t have them.

The only way that will ever be possible is if you open your account while in space


Also, while I am on a roll, for many people it takes months to get their first order on here. I got my first order in 3 days because I went to Buyers Request and responded to several requests about my credentials.

I worked my booty off (Nah, I still got it) to get my first order, and have not gotten another one for 2 weeks. There are over 3 MILLION gigs here on Fiverr, and the competition for sales are extreme. Unless you are doing something to stand out from the crowd you will not be noticed as much.

Many people come to the forums complaining that Fiverr is not an Instant Gratification website. It’s not, period. You have to work hard for months before you can get a usable income on here.

It seems like an easy scapegoat to say “People just don’t like me cause I’m from Nigeria,” but the truth is that it’s a dog eat dog world here, and you’re going to have to work really hard to succeed. You have 2 gigs right now and started this month, you’re new.

Work hard, and you’ll fly high


Buyers need to know where someone is located. I see no advantage in hiding important information.

As long as sellers deliver top quality work on time they don’t need to worry that their location will be a handicap.

Another new seller today is suggesting top rated sellers have a limit on how many orders they can get.

Don’t make excuses. Just work hard and you will succeed.


I admit I have ordered based on locations several times. I think it’s a great idea that 5r list locations.

When I am hiring a translator for my book, I search for and hire sellers living in the country of the language. I want my German translator to live in Germany. I want my Japanese translator time live in Japan, etc.

I want my Spanish translator to live in the country where I am targeting buyers for my book. If I am targeting Spain, then he/she has to live there. If I am targeting Mexico, I want the seller to live in Mexco, etc. I know Spanish has many dialects and there is variations, therefore that’s what I hunt for.

When I was looking for article writers and virtual assistants to research things for me, I specifically hired people living in country of what I was researching.

I do not want to hire someone living in Nigeria to research the best/most popular desserts in Pakistan nor do I want to hire someone living in Pakistan to research local wildlife Nigeria. I bring this up because I actually had research done on those and hired people in those countries.

Don’t get me wrong, living in the country of origin doesn’t mean I’m going to hire them purely for that. If they have horrible writing skills I’m not going to waste my money or time. There are other things I look for when hiring.

Living in English speaking countries isn’t always an advantage.


That definitely makes sense for translation work, tbh. I was simply referring to basic design work, or article writing, or… idk, chakra realignment. For those types of jobs I don’t see why anyone would be picky based on location.


I agree. When hiring for things, other than specifics that I mentioned above, I don’t even pay attention to location. Why would I care if someone lived in Mars or Jupiter when getting ebook cover done?


… as a reward for their long years of hard work, uh?
Why newbies are always complaining???
They could be more successful if they concentrate in their OWN Gigs instead…


Communication could be more of an issue, with it taking more than 3 hours for a message to get through to someone on Mars, and the same to reply :slight_smile:


True, but I’m willing to wait for quality work. :grinning:

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Because they think top rated sellers are the bourgeois and they are too privileged, selfishly taking all the orders, so they believe top sellers should submit to socialist practices and be forced to evenly distributed the labor to make everything “fair” among the “less fortunate” newcomers.

I wish I was joking.

location can be important for many gigs

If I want someone to write me a script, or a guest post on my blog and it needs to be in english…I want the seller to be in USA/Canada/UK/Australia and not from other countries.

If I want a youtube intro, I will not order from sellers that are from some countries because it is higher chances of those intros being templates and youtube deletes my video due to copyright.

Hum, that’s too bad.

I’ve hired sellers from India, Zimbabwe, China, Pakistan, Greece, Morocco and few other places to write articles and research for me. They all gave me 5 star work.


I prefer native speakers for whatever language I want, less risk of seller using google translate.

Location is helpful because buyers may want to find a seller who is in their time zone, speaks that country’s language, etc. etc.

It should not be hidden. In fact, Fiverr needs more transparency.

If you offer quality work, you will succeed irrespective of location :slight_smile:


Exactly! We need more transparency.

I’d love to be able to see buyers “history”

On some freelance sites they even show the seller how much money they spent!